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Authors: Alexandra Anthony
smiled.  “You will have a visitor this afternoon.”
    “A visitor?  Who?”  I asked, my curiosity thoroughly piqued.  Stefan glanced up at me and gave me a grin that reminded  me of a cat that had eaten the canary.
    “You will find out.  It should be interesting.  I will give you some privacy during the visit.”
    Stefan was being extremely cryptic.  Seeing that he wasn’t willing to play along, I finished my breakfast and slid away from the island, walking around to the sink and began rinsing the plates off and loading the dishwasher.  I was wiping the counter down when I felt his hands reach around and cup the swell of my breasts and he bent slightly to inhale my hair.  My breathing immediately hitched.  It only took a touch from him to send my overworked libido into overdrive.
    His hand slipped down the fabric of my t-shirt to slide inside of my jeans.  His long fingers had no trouble slithering deep into my panties to gently stroke my clit as his lips dragged over my neck.  Gripping the counter for support, a tiny moan fell from my lips and I widened my legs to give him better access.  He complied and his fingers went inside of me, softly teasing me.  His own breathing increased, sounding rougher.  I was so close to orgasm and soft, mewing noises were the only sounds I could manage.  I tensed around his fingers, crying out in protest when he withdrew his hand from my pants and playfully smacked my ass.
    Stunned into silence for a moment and burning with unfulfilled longing, I spun to face him, open-mouthed and pissed off.  “You have got to be kidding me.  Stefan!”
    He towered over me, his gorgeous face filled with mischief.  A playful smile graced his lips as he leaned in to peck me on the mouth.  “I have things to do, vackra.  Lukas is next door if you need him.  I assure you we will finish what we started.  Later.”
    He disappeared down the hallway so quickly that I would have missed it if I’d blinked.  Smacking my hand on the granite counter, I threw the sponge in the sink.  Two could play at this game.
    I walked down the hallway to our bedroom and stood in the doorway watching him dress.  He only had a pale blue Oxford dress shirt on that was still unbuttoned.  It exposed the sculpted planes of his chest and the muscles of his stomach.  I could see the outline of his cock through his boxer briefs.  I was drawn to him like a kid in a candy store and he was the most delicious treat available.  It was if everything else in the room disappeared.
    Gliding across the room to him, I glanced up at him longingly.  My hands drifted across his waist, straight down his stomach.  I couldn’t help smiling when I felt his muscles twitch as my fingertips brushed over each of the pronounced ridges.  I pushed his underwear down low enough that he sprang free, his cock falling into my waiting hands.
    “Shhh,” I murmured softly and I gripped him in my hand, stroking the thick velvet-hardness of his cock.  I glanced up at him again, reeling as I watched his mouth slightly part and his eyes darken with lust.
    I dragged my tongue down his chest until I had lowered to a crouched position with my hand still rubbing over his impressive length.  He was growing harder with every twist of my wrist and when I took the head of his cock in my mouth, he let out a guttural growl so powerful that I could feel the pulsation in my mouth.  Rolling my tongue around him, I groaned from the taste of him.  His hands ran through my wavy hair until they loosely knotted there, urging me to continue.  He started to swell inside my mouth and I knew he was close to his climax.
    It was payback time.  Letting him slip from my mouth with a pop, I stood and went on my tip toes to kiss the corner of his mouth and the cleft in his chin.
    “Silly me! I forgot that you have things to do.  We’ll continue this later,” I said, glancing over my shoulder, attempting to speak in the most casual

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