Illusion by Alexandra Anthony

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Authors: Alexandra Anthony
bed.  He tossed his shirt to the floor and his jeans were off in a blur of movement, lowering himself to his knees on the bed at my feet, staring down at the cover.
    His face lifted up and the look he gave me was one I’d never seen before.  His handsome face was stripped bare, no arrogance or age marring his smooth features.  His was wide eyed as our eyes met, shocked at my admission.  He looked impossibly young...and pure.
    Slowly crawling to meet him, I sat in front of him, reaching out to carefully run my hands over his broad chest, my fingers caressing his pale pink nipples and stroking over the rippled muscles of his abdomen, his body jerking from my touch.  He swallowed roughly and the corner of his mouth twitched.
    “Josephine,” he whispered harshly.  “You were made for me.”
    My hands froze in place, afraid to move.  I glanced up at him through my eyelashes, my breathing shallow.  He hadn’t moved, he was simply watching me.
    I nodded and smiled.  My hands were still, waiting for his permission to continue.  “You were saved for me.”
    Stefan sighed softly.  “Touch me.  Please.”  He was beautiful, completely unguarded with soft eyes.  “Please.”
    Hesitantly, I continued my exploration over his soft skin, letting my mouth follow the path my hands had made.  My lips and tongue skimmed over his stomach, back up to his chest.  I traced around each of nipples with my fingers, rubbing my mouth over the satin skin of his neck, feeling the muscles in his throat constrict under my lips.
    I inched closer to him, until our lips were almost touching.  His impossibly pretty mouth was curved in a small smile, his fangs fully extended.  I took a finger and caressed each one, moving as if to kiss him, instead my tongue tracing each sharp incisor.  His chest rumbled, his blue eyes becoming unfocused.
    Stefan rose to his knees.  I scrambled back against the pillows as he rushed to move between my legs.  One hand grasped his cock, rubbing it over my wet folds.  The other gripped my waist, drawing me closer to him.  His body draped over me and he pushed gently inside of me, causing us both to break into shuddering moans.  His hips pulled back, dropping his head to against my shoulder.  His large arms enveloped me, wrapping around my back, finally sheathing himself to the hilt inside of my pussy, our bodies perfectly aligning to one another.
    “This is right,” he moaned, burying his face in my hair.  “Tell me this is right.”
    “Yes,” I agreed desperately.  “It’s always perfect.”
    He began stroking in earnest, setting a steady pace.  He bent to suck one of my nipples into his mouth, his fangs grazing along my tender skin as his tongue swirled and pulled.
    “I never knew it was possible to have this, Josephine.  To feel love, this kind of affection.  Then only to feel the pain of losing you,” Stefan admitted.  “I do not like to feel vulnerable.”
    I pushed him to his back against the bed, never breaking stride.  I straddled him, increasing our speed.  Stefan hissed in pleasure and I kissed him hard, my mouth unrelenting.  His hand grasped my face, pulling my lips from his to look into my eyes.
    “I was in hell last night.  You were lost to me and I was afraid too much had happened and you had left.”  He kissed me briefly before pulling away again, gazing back  into my eyes as if he was staring into my very soul, his blue eyes becoming dark pools of emotion.  “Vackra, it has always been you.  Hur bevisar jag min hängivenhet till dig?  Du har mig i bojor, din villig fånge.”
    As he spoke the words to me, he once again gave me access to his thoughts.  He was wondering how he could prove his devotion to me.  He was letting me know he was my willing prisoner and I had him willingly shackled.
    “I don’t want you to be my prisoner, Stefan.  I want you to be my lover.  My equal.  My partner.”  Offering my neck to him, I wordlessly spoke

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