Igniting the Wild Sparks

Igniting the Wild Sparks by Ren Alexander

Book: Igniting the Wild Sparks by Ren Alexander Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ren Alexander
worry about Cara. She’s harmless. I have absolutely no interest in her. She’s just a coworker, assistant coach and friend.”
    I walk to the railing overlooking downtown and ask over my shoulder, “Did she know who I was?”
    He follows me. “No. I didn’t tell her. I thought it’d eventually come out, not the way it did, but whatever. I’m actually glad it’s out. I’m tired of hiding around the people I work with. It’s nice to be able to give you a smile and not have to explain myself for gawking at you.”
    “Gawking at me? So you’re not that good at hiding your infatuation with me by wearing sunglasses?”
    “No. I think it’s rather obvious to everyone but you.”
    I grab the metal and turn to look at him. “Did Cara accuse you of liking me? Stalking me?”
    He grips onto the metal next to my hand, his chest touching my arm. “She caught me staring at you a lot. She reminded me that I have a girlfriend. I told her I was aware of that fact.”
    I giggle. “What’s Ricky say about her?”
    A dark cloud seems to cross his face and he looks out to the city. “Ricky thinks she has a thing for me. He also reminded me I have a girlfriend.” He returns his attention to me. “There is nothing to worry about, baby. She can like me all she wants. The feeling isn’t mutual. I’m too much in love with you to even give her a second glance. Okay?”
    I nod. “She’s so pretty and younger.”
    “She might be pretty, but she’s doesn’t make my heart stop like you do. I love only you, Becks. Forever.”
    I smile, making him smile. “I love you, too, Sparks. Forever and a day.” I poke at his chest and laugh. “Ha! I beat you!”
    He laughs and shakes his head. “I let you win.” He leans down to kiss me again as the city sparkles behind us.

    Monday morning, Rod is out of the office all day helping Amos with a deposition. The entire floor is rather quiet and extremely boring without him. What would I do if he quit his job? I can’t imagine how I got through my days without him before.
    When Val wal ks through my door, and dressed in red, she makes a reddish, blurred beeline to my desk.
    She looks at me expectantly. “Well? Where is it?”
    I smile and dig into my purse for Finn’s ring. Handing it to her, she eagerly snatches the box out of my hand and upon opening it, she shrieks, “Ooh, babe! It’s so neat! It kind of looks like a tire! Did you do that on purpose?”
    I laugh and rest my chin on my clenched hand. “Yes. Rod actually found it. He has a good eye in jewelry and clothes.”
    “Well, that is true. That boy does have fabulous taste. ” She turns to see if anyone is near the door before whispering to me, “Are you sure he isn’t gay?”
    Again, I laugh and shrug. “He says he’s not. I’d support him either way.”
    Winking, she closes the box and sets it down on my desk. “Me, too. I love that kid. It’s horribly dull around here without him.”
    I sigh and toy with the velvet box. “I know. How did we ever manage without him?”
    “I have no idea. Tell me more about that kiss! That blew our minds!” She checks her watch. “Oh, shoot. I have a meeting. Let’s do lunch and you can tell me all about it? Invite Morgan if she’s free.”
    I nod and pick up my phone as Val hurries into her office for her notes.

    “Where’s Dick Rod?” Morgan stands from tying her shoe in the locker room at the gym.
    I toss my green and black gym bag next to her on the metal bench. “I don’t know. Maybe he had to work late with Amos.”
    “Maybe he went home with Amos.”
    “Oh, shut up!” I laugh. “ Rod’s not gay.”
    She rolls her eyes as she puts her foot down onto the floor. “I know. He’d probably pout and cry like a little girl if he heard me say that.”
    “No doubt.”
    “Are you and Finn free Saturday night for dinner?”
    Opening my red locker, I pause to think about her question. “Um, I’m not sure. I’ll ask him. He

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