I Think My Dad Is a Spy
Journal entry:
Monday, 9pm
    What’s bugging me today more than lately is my parcel delivery job. I mean WHAT’S UP WITH ALL THESE PARCELS!?!
    Why do people leave it to the last minute on a Friday to post their packages?!! It makes me so mad!
    Mondays are hard enough without having to deliver a bazillion parcels after school. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!
    (MAJOR THOUGHT: I have just decided that when I’m a grown-up, I will NEVER work on a Monday)…EVER!!!
    I have another complaint and it’s a big one by the name of Michael McClain or as I call him—‘Idiot-Boy’. I hate that we go to the same high school and just because our parents are dating, all his dumb mates call me his ‘little sister’.
    I swear he was put on this planet just to annoy me!!!
    And the other thing that’s been bugging me lately is my DAD!
    He’s been acting really odd. I’ve caught him twice now whispering on the phone in the strangest places. Just this afternoon when I was getting ready for work, I overheard him talking on his mobile inside the broom closet. I think he was talking about a woman because he said the name ‘Tiffany’.
    I also heard him say, ‘Wall Street, New York City’.
    At first I thought he was talking to my Grandma Georgina, ’coz she’s in New York at the moment on a book tour, but then why would Dad be talking to her inside the broom closet? It doesn’t make any sense. Hmmm…I wonder if I should ask Chelsea (Dad’s girlfriend) if she has noticed anything weird about him lately too.
    I think it’s time I investigated his weird behavior more.
    Earlier today I said to my two best friends Theo and Janice as we walked to school, “Ya’ know what? I’ve had it up to here with all these secretive phone calls in the middle of the night.” Theo didn’t reply instead he gave me a pat on the back and his usual comforting smile as he walked alongside me.
    Theodore Riley is a good looking boy, tall with dark brown hair always neatly parted on the side. His passion is dancing. You name it—jazz, tap and ballet. His dream is to some day dance on Broadway in New York City. He is very popular with the girls but sadly isn’t the slightest bit interested in any of them!

    My other best friend, Janice Voyce, was walking in front of us talking about a million miles an hour. Janice is pale and freckly and she looks like a tomboy. No one wants to make her mad because she has a wild temper to match her messy red hair! She is smart too — geeky smart —and is going to become a lawyer one day. She is on the school debating team, which I reckon is because she enjoys arguing a lot. She also gossips a lot, which she gets from her mum. Her passion for law is from her dad, who owns a famous law firm with offices all around the world.
    Janice has always been jealous of Theo’s wealthy background as she doesn’t like the idea of anyone being more famous or wealthy than her. Money means a lot to Janice as she measures success by how much you have. That doesn’t explain how we became friends because I’m not a billionaire and I’m sure my dad isn’t either!
    â€œSo I take it by your grumpy face this morning that you haven’t found out who’s been calling in the middle of the night?” Janice asked teasingly.
    â€œNuh!” I grunted half asleep. “But I know one thing for sure; these calls are not prank calls. Last night just as I fell out of bed to answer the phone, Dad came rushing down hallway like a mad man yelling, ‘I’ll get it!’”
    â€œDid you find out who called?” Theo asked.
    â€œNo, because he shooed me back off to bed before he picked up the phone,” I said miserably.
    â€œOh!” said Theo shaking his head. “That’s not good Sophie.”
    â€œI know and it’s happening more and more. I’m really getting worried.”
    â€œDon’t sweat

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