Humanity: After It Happened Book 2

Humanity: After It Happened Book 2 by Devon C Ford

Book: Humanity: After It Happened Book 2 by Devon C Ford Read Free Book Online
Authors: Devon C Ford
with Glock held level with his chest. She was a little too close, but he was not confident that he could disarm her without getting shot.
    He walked outside with her pacing backwards, never losing sight of her target. Joe walked in behind her, shouting, she turned and pulled the trigger twice.
    One in the chest, one in the head.
    Too late she turned back to Dan; he was on her, knocking the Glock from her hands. She let her left hand drop away from the gun as she saw this happening, and simultaneously drew the knife from her left shoulder strap. Her right hand gripped his vest as the knife was rested against his neck.
    "STOP" roared Steve.
    She let him go and sheathed the blade before picking up the empty Glock and sliding in the magazine from her vest.
    She smiled at Dan, then holstering the Glock she turned to Steve for her assessment.
    "How did you know he was there and how did you distract him?" He asked her.
    She slipped a hand into a pouch as she said, "It was the last room and the only place big enough to hide him. Plus, he breathes like an elephant" then she withdrew her hand from the pouch and produced a small handful of Haribo "cost me a cola bottle though"
    Dan laughed, realising the noise was a soft sweet hitting the carpet after she threw it over the door he hid behind.  The kid was clever, and fast.
    "I'm changing your name to Nikita" he said with a smile.
    "Why?" She shot back.
    Dan sighed, and Steve promised to find the book.
    "Did they make a film of it?" She asked, hopefully.
    Steve sent her back to the house and filled Dan in as they strolled along.
    "Her mile and a half is just over the nine-minute mark" he said, impressed. Dan commented that she was in Paratrooper time.
    "She can do pull ups too. Only a couple at a time but she's getting fitter. Paul has been working on the hand to hand stuff and says that she’s getting better by the day" he continued.
    "She's competent at putting rounds down range, but I'm going to develop that next"
    Dan was pleased, and thanked Steve for his good work. He was tired as he'd been doing Steve's duty days ranging to give him time to train her.
    "I might look for a short wheel based Defender for her, and I'll take over for the driving if you don't mind?" Steve didn't.  He saw how much he cared for the girl and asked him if he had any kids.
    Dan was silent for a while as he lit a cigarette.
    "Girl and a boy. They would have been six and four by now" he said sadly.
    "Two boys" Steve shared in return. One was with his mum, the other was away at university. Dan wondered if there was hope there, but Steve told him the last contact he had was to say that he was too ill to come home.
    Both full of sadness and regret, they walked on in silence.

    Logistics were reassigned to help the engineering team. The scaffolding went up, slowly, and one by one the solar panels were fixed onto a frame of Mike's design. A further trip had to be made for more poles and fixings, and progress was slow.
    Mike shared his vision with Dan as he smoked one morning, with Ash playing with Pig and the spaniels around their feet as Pete used a pressurised air rifle to remove a nest of pigeons from the trees marked for felling.
    "The A-frame rests over the roof so that we don't have to compromise the integrity of the tiles" Mike explained
    "We will hopefully get ten water tanks on the apex to be heated by the top rows, and the rest will power the battery bank.  Even better, Adam and Carl are confident that they can fit a power shower in each bathroom"
    That was welcome news. Mike went on to explain that he intended to reroute the guttering for a form of toilet flushing and water supply.  As he began to explain in more detail, Dan became lost and politely cut him off by saying what a great job he was doing.
    "When do you reckon you'll be finished?" He asked.
    Mike sucked a breath in, performing a practiced routine of haggling. Dan was tempted to ask for the straight answer,

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