How to Ruin a Summer Vacation (Ruined Series #1)

How to Ruin a Summer Vacation (Ruined Series #1) by Simone Elkeles

Book: How to Ruin a Summer Vacation (Ruined Series #1) by Simone Elkeles Read Free Book Online
Authors: Simone Elkeles
canal, I shriek and push him back. Anything to get his tongue as far away from my ear as possible.
    Unfortunately, I've pushed him into some other people who were dancing. They're not too happy with me or the licker and push him back. This starts more pushing, and soon the place is out of control.
    Oh, crap.
    I'm lost in the crowd, unable to move because the crowd has turned into a mob. When someone grabs my hand and leads me out, I'm grateful.
    Until I recognize Avis bracelet attached to that hand.
    I stumble outside with Avi and the rest of the mob. They've cleared out the club. When I see a police car with its lights flashing, I panic. Because someone over by the police car is talking to the soldiers and policemen while pointing at me.
    "Shit. Amy, don't say anything," Avi says. "Let me talk."
    When the soldiers and policeman come up to us, I zip my mouth shut.
    "Mah aseet," the soldier says.
    When Avi starts to talk, the guy puts up a hand and points to me.
    I wanted to keep my mouth shut, I really did. My intentions were to stand here and stay silent. "I speak English," I blurt out.
    "Did you start pushing people on the dance floor?" the soldier guy asks gruffly.
    "Only because of the ear licker. I mean, at first he tried to feel me up but then, well, I thought he was going to apologize. Instead, my ear starts getting slimy and I realize he's not apologizing, he's giving my ear a tongue bath."
    I know I'm rambling. I'm scared, and I know I deserve to be punished for causing a whole club to clear out because of me. A cold knot is forming in my stomach and I clutch Avi's hand.
    Then, suddenly, out of the corner of my eye I catch a glimpse of the guy with the tongue. "There he is!" I yell.
    The licker just backs up and disappears behind a car.
    The soldier barks out orders at Avi and storms off.
    "What did he say?"
    "To take you home now or else he'll arrest you. Come on," he says.
    "Do you have a Q-tip?" I ask him.
    Duh! "So I can wipe that guy's germs out of my ear. I bet I already have an ear infection because of that dude."
    He's walking so fast I can hardly keep up with him.
    "You don't blame me for what happened back there, do you?"
    When we reach Avi's car, he turns to me. "You were turning that guy on with your dancing. What did you expect?"
    I meet his accusing eyes without flinching. "He knew I was American. Maybe Israelis like wet tongues in their ear, but in America--"
    "He knew you were American?"
    "Yeah. I told him when he bought me the beer."
    "Beer? You were drinking alcohol with that guy? No wonder he thought you were easy."
    "For your information, I am not easy."
    "American girls have a reputation around here."
    "Stop using me as proof of your stereotypes, Avi. It's not fair. Besides, you were shakin' it plenty tonight. You're just jealous because your blond bimbo didn't want to suck y our ear off."
    Snotty and friends are walking toward us. I cross my arms in front of my chest, waiting for them so we can go home.
    "Someone started a fight inside the disco," Ofra says to me, offering her explanation of the commotion.
    I bite my tongue and keep silent, but Avi glances sideways at me.
    "You," Snotty says. "You started it, didn't you? I should have guessed. You can't do anything right."
    "Leave her alone," Doo-Doo says. I want to kiss him right now for sticking up for me.
    Feeling like I have support, I say to Snotty defiantly, "I can do anything you can do." And then, because adrenaline is flowing through my body I add, "And I can do it better."
    The look on her face is priceless. She's thinking. I can almost hear her rusty, unused brain creaking as it's working. "Shear a sheep," she blurts out. "Tomorrow morning."
    "No problem," I say with confidence, even though on the inside I'm shuddering at the thought of holding down a poor, defenseless sheep while I cut his fur off until he's naked.
    But I'll do it, just to prove to everyone I don't screw everything up.
    I just hope I don't make

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