Holiday Sparks

Holiday Sparks by Taryn Elliott

Book: Holiday Sparks by Taryn Elliott Read Free Book Online
Authors: Taryn Elliott
Tags: Erótica
Her body was so revved she was sure she’d go insane.
    “Can’t you feel the anticipation?”
    She dug her nails into his muscled butt and dragged him forward. They both groaned as he slid inside her. Her abused body screamed for him to go slow, but the clawing lust vetoed that idea. Nothing but all of his passion would do right now.
    Everything about them together was so new to her. Sex was usually just something to endure for a little closeness and pleasure. But with Ben? No…with Ben nothing was simple. Her frustrated groan and hiss stopped him.
    “Ben, please.” She didn’t know how to ask for it. She rolled her hips against him. Even as her muscles begged for a reprieve she had to get rid of this lightning ball of intensity bouncing inside her.
    “Tell me,” he said on a gasp as her muscles clenched down on him. “God, you feel so amazing. I want—” He cut himself off and stilled again. His eyes slammed shut as if he was trying to hold on.
    She cupped his face. He had to feel the same. “I want it too. I need it, Ben. All of it.”
    He slammed into her and she cried out. He faltered until she screamed out a yes and then it was two people taking everything from each other. He dragged her knee up on his hip and went impossibly deeper.
    His arms shook on either side of her head as he drove into her again and again. Sweat and the overwhelming slickness of her own body accepting him greedily turned their space into a sauna of lust.
    She hooked her arms under his and held on to his shoulders as each thrust filled her with Ben. This wasn’t just sex. This was them at their most elemental forms. When she came it was even more overwhelming than the first time.
    She sobbed into his shoulder. It was just the only way for all the pressure and the pleasure to release from her. He buried his forehead into her shoulder as he panted against her. His body still sought refuge in hers. His thrusts grew into a madness that didn’t seem to know how to blow itself out.
    She clamped her legs around his hips and held on to him as they finally both broke into too many pieces to ever comprehend.
    Darcy slid her fingers through his hair until she got to the top of his head and held on. She shuddered against him and dragged in embarrassingly huge gulps of air, but she couldn’t let go of him.
    He tunneled his arms under her shoulders and left himself pressed into her neck.
    “God,” she gasped. “Oh God.”
    “All the saints and angels heard us on that one, darlin’.”
    She laughed and flicked her tongue over the sweat-slick skin of his neck until she found his ear to bite.
    “Hey, I’ve already been plenty abused here.” She tightened her muscles around him and he hissed. “Dirty pool.”
    He was still inside her. Her body quaked with tiny aftershocks.
    “Fuck, Darcy.”
    “It wasn’t my fault this time.” He shifted inside her and she groaned. “Not helping.”
    He nipped her shoulder and grinned down at her.
    “You laugh, but I’m not going to be able to walk tomorrow. Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Blackstone, I had sex all night, but it’s so nice to see you again. Let me hobble over to my section and show you how ready we are for Black Friday.”
    He dropped a kiss on her mouth, his dark eyes so full of happiness it stalled her breath. “All our neighbors certainly know, so they may as well too.”
    She groaned out a half laugh. “That’s not funny.”
    Turning his lips into her neck, he kissed down to her shoulder. “I loved hearing you scream for me.” He levered himself up on his forearms, his hips still pinning her to the bed.
    He rotated once and her eyes popped open. “You are not…”
    “What?” He looked down at her. “Not getting hard again?”
    She could feel her face flaming. He was so open and sexual and she…well, she definitely wasn’t. “Ben. I can’t.”
    “God, you’re adorable.”
    “Get off me.”
    He laughed and rolled off her, both of them groaning when their skin peeled

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