Holding On (Road House Series)
Chapter One
    “Pan, I really don’t have time to be doing this.” Iris crossed her arms in front of her chest, a protective move that had served her well over the years.
    “I just got back into town.” Pan sighed. “Let’s just go in and have one drink.”
    Iris looked at the cracked, rough exterior of the Road House bar and then looked at her sister. Pan was everything that a biker girl should be, leather coat and hog included.
    “I hardly think I’m dressed for a place like this.” Iris waved a hand at her clothing.
    Her sister’s unwavering eye took in the black pencil skirt and white blouse. Iris heated with a twinge of irritation. This was the same sort of outfit she had worn nearly every day since taking over the book store. It wasn’t as if she could just run a shop in leather pants and a tank. Her customers would never be caught in the Book Alley again.
    “You look fine. Besides, the way that skirt makes your ass look, I don’t think any of the guys are going to complain.” A smug look lit Pan’s face.
    “Pansy!” Iris glared at her sister.
    “What? You aren’t dead. I say, if you got it, flaunt it.” Pansy shrugged, and a lock of rich brown hair slid out from her bandanna.
    “Excuse me,” a low-timbre voice from behind said as it shimmied down Iris’s spine.
    “Oh, I’m so sorry.” Iris turned to move out of the way and ran smack into the source. The hard planes of his chest had her heart beating double time, and the world swayed for a moment. The man reached out to hold her against him, preventing her from falling. She was being consumed by the delicious scent of man, motor oil and something woodsy. She closed her eyes for a moment to gather some control.
    Once she had stilled the world, her eyes popped open to peer into the bluest eyes she had ever seen. It was like staring at a cool glacier. A shiver crawled through her.
    As he helped her find her footing, the man gave a lopsided grin. Two dimples popped out and sandy blond hair slipped over his eyes, drawing attention to a jagged scar running down his face. Not that it hurt his beauty any. His rugged strength and scar made her think of a gladiator.
    “You know she’s right,” he said, nodding toward Pan.
    “Oh?” As much as Iris tried, it still came out a breathy whisper.
    “That skirt does amazing things to your ass.” With a wink, the man slid past her.
    “Pansy,” he said with a nod and walked inside.
    “Don’t think you’re gonna get away with calling me that asswipe!” Pan yelled at the door.
    As shock crept away, anger started to bubble up in Iris.
    Who did that guy think he was, besides God’s gift to women? He was, without a doubt, pure sex, but the arrogance was on a whole new level.
    “Well?” Pan held the door open, waiting for Iris to make the first step in. Likely to block all escape. Talk about sisterly love.
    “Fine, but I’m just staying for one. I’ve got inventory first thing in the morning.”
    With that, Iris stormed in. She wasn’t about to be run off by some walking hormone with shocking blue eyes.
    Luc looked up as the fiery dark-haired beauty came in. Instantly, the two locked eyes and he found himself falling again. There was something about this women that set every last nerve on fire. He struggled to swallow, so he reached out for his beer, nearly knocking it over. There had to be something wrong with him. He hadn’t felt like this since…well, the last time had left him shredded and bare. He locked down his feelings as the two women moved to the adjacent table.
    Several of his crew were puzzled by the visual contact and shot him questioning stares. What was he supposed to say? He grunted and slammed the rest of his beer.
    When he looked over at the beauty, her mouth was pinched in irritation, repulsion visible. Pain lanced through him as he thought of the view she had, one that clearly displayed his haggard scar. Couldn’t she even pretend not to see the scar? Luc

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