His Desire

His Desire by Ana Fawkes

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Authors: Ana Fawkes
Tags: Romance
    I slept on the plane, again , but this time Jonathan Black held me as I slept.  I was too visibly shaken to be alone and he lay with his body pressed hard against mine, soothing me and giving me a constant reminder that he’s right there.
    I dreamed of nothing, which I took as a good thing, because if I had a dream, it would have been about Oliver Rush.  Part of me didn’t want to believe that I had been attacked by Oliver Rush and if I hadn’t kicked my feet – landing a few lucky shots – who knows what he would have done with me. 
    Being handcuffed and blindfolded, trapped in a chair could be a woman’s fantasy and it had been something of mine since Jonathan had commanded I sit there.  While I waited, Oliver Rush had come in and tried to hurt me.  In reality, I’m not sure he had full intentions of actually touching me or using the gun he had brought.  He achieved what he wanted by scaring me and leaving me shaking.  That’s what he wanted Jonathan to find. 
    I had become some kind of pawn in a game between them but as long as I was under their control I didn’t mind it so much.
    When I woke I looked down to Jonathan’s strong arms that were still locked around me.  I put my hands to his forearms, touching the sleeve of his white shirt, and moved my hand down until I touched the gold cufflinks.  I then slid again and the second I touched the bare skin of his hands, he spoke.
    “We’re going to land in a few minutes,” he said.  “We should go sit.”
    “Where are we landing?” I asked.
    Jonathan had been in such a rage that he called for a plane, took me by the hand, and never told me anything.  Well, he did tell me one thing but I didn’t want to bring it back up hoping that he was cooled off a little and refocused.
    “Outside Seattle.  I have a car waiting for us.  I have a small place, a cabin, somewhere to hide and relax.”
    I started to smile, thinking things were cooled off but then Jonathan added….
    “…And plan…”
    That’s when my heart jumped and body raced with heat.  It was an intense feeling because it was lust mixing with fear.  I couldn’t contain either one and at one point I couldn’t separate them.  Feeling that way kept me wide awake. 
    Jonathan let go of me and climbed out of the bed in his private jet.  I rolled to my back and watched him fix his shirt and tie and reach for his jacket that had been draped over a chair.  When he looked at me he still had those intense eyes that told me his original statement still held true.
    I’m going to kill him.
    “You’re beautiful,” he said to me.  “I wish we had more time on this flight because I need to have you.”
    “How long until we are… wherever we’re going?”
    “Maybe an hour,” Jonathan said.  “And once we’re there, the rules will still apply.”
    I nodded.
    Of course the rules would still apply.  I was in no position mentally or physically to stand up to Jonathan or to just walk away from him.  I did believe that I could maybe protect him.  That if I stayed with him, kept him close, he would rethink his actions.
    But I knew I was wrong.
    I knew the fantasy of the woman saving the man wouldn’t happen in this case.
    The way Jonathan stared at me, the way his eyes looked lost, the way he made fists so tight, his knuckles would turn white… I knew what he was thinking.  He was picturing Oliver Rush touching me, hurting me.  He was going beyond that too, playing the what if? game, trying to imagine all the horrible things that could have happened.
    I had to look away from Jonathan until he left the small room.  My eyes devoured his sexy looks and perfected features, but my mind could only play one thing over and over.
    I’m going to kill him.
    I wasn’t sure how it worked in the billionaire’s world, but in my world, from all I’ve seen and known, if you kill another man, you get in trouble. 
    Then again, this was Jonathan Black, and the more I wondered and the

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