Hidden Threat

Hidden Threat by Anthony Tata

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Authors: Anthony Tata
and said, “That’s me. Who wants to know?”
    Amanda watched a strikingly beautiful woman walk toward her. Auburn hair, light, almost sky blue, eyes, and a fresh, clean face. Slim figure, lots of thin gold bracelets on one arm, and trendy Chino pants with a tight-fitting light green blouse. An emerald necklace hung against the freckled skin at her neck.
    “ Wouldn’t you like to know,” the woman said with a smile, reaching her hand out.
    “ Not particularly,” Amanda shot back, folding her arms across her chest.
    “ I’ll give you three guesses.” She put her arm around Amanda to walk her back toward the office.
    “ Don’t touch me, lesbo,” Amanda shrieked, pulling away.
    The woman dropped her arm, then stuck it back at her, and said, “Hi, Amanda. I’m Riley Dwyer. Now let’s cut the tough-guy act and get this over with.”
    “ That’s more like it,” Amanda said, giving Ms. Dwyer’s hand a limp shake. Riley was walking slowly with Amanda following. “I’ve got things to do.”
    “ I’m sure you do. Graduation is just around the corner; college is coming up; your boyfriend is a football hero; swim meets going on . . .” Miss Dwyer was waving her arms in the air each time she mentioned an item.
    “ That’s right, plus I was voted most popular and best looking, so I’ve got responsibilities there, too.”
    “ Oh my, those are, like, the two best things,” Miss Dwyer mocked, though it was lost on Amanda.
    “ Yeah, I lobbied for it pretty hard. It was competitive.”
    “ All that and you’ve probably got a senior class trip on the way. I’m just so lucky you could fit me in.”
    “ Yeah, we’re going to the Bahamas.” Amanda looked at her watch and said, “Well, I don’t have much time, but I can give you a few minutes to check this off my list.”
    “ I’m fortunate.” Miss Dwyer gave Amanda a tight-lipped grin.
    They were in her office. Three floor-to-ceiling windows were evenly spaced along the wall on the left. She had tastefully arranged a dozen plants, including two ficus trees and some elephant leaves, along the window wall. Splashes of light blazed through the glass, creating equally spaced rectangles along the floor. In the middle of the office was a large oak desk with papers on it. To the right were a sofa and two padded chairs. A smattering of pictures and degrees hung on the walls in no particular fashion or pattern. Several paintings of sand dunes and beach cottages were scattered throughout the office.
    Amanda stopped and said, “Can you just sign this thing so I can get on my way?”
    “ And what thing would that be, dear?” Miss Dwyer came over to Amanda, again invading her personal space, to look over her shoulder at the paperwork.
    “ What is it with you? Really, are you gay?”
    “ No. Why would you think that?” Miss Dwyer took a step back. “You asked me to sign something. I just wanted to see what it was.” Again, her mock offense was lost on Amanda.
    “ Okay.” Amanda rolled her eyes warily.
    “ Why don’t we sit down, Amanda, and we can see what it is that you’ve got in your hand there.” Miss Dwyer motioned at the papers.
    “ Nah, I’d just rather you sign this and let me get out of here. There’s nothing here for me.”
    Miss Dwyer walked around her slowly, sizing her up, looking at her with those pale blue eyes, and then sat down in one of the two overstuffed chairs.
    “ You’re creeping me out, woman. Maybe you’re the one who needs the shrink.”
    “ Maybe so. Why don’t you give me your analysis.” Miss Dwyer waved her arm toward the sofa.
    “ Well, this could be kinda cool, but only if you sign this paperwork saying I’m good to go.”
    Miss Dwyer’s head popped up. She stared at Amanda.
    “ What? Got a problem with that?”
    “ We’ll see,” Miss Dwyer said absently, regaining her composure. “Why don’t you come down here and analyze me, young lady.”
    Amanda sat down in the chair across from Miss Dwyer, crossed her

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