Her Wanted Wolf

Her Wanted Wolf by Renee Michaels

Book: Her Wanted Wolf by Renee Michaels Read Free Book Online
Authors: Renee Michaels
Tags: Shifter
neck. She’d never seen a pack of wolves hunt in such a formation.
    Sabine took a quick peek up at Drew. His eyes glowed golden brown, hot
with fury.
    Drew nudged her side and made his way silently up the hill. Sabine took
one last look at the valley below and spun around to follow. The multitude of
questions she wanted to ask whirled in her head. One in particular: who was the
wolf that put a crack in Drew’s controlled demeanor?
    Sabine and Ishbel caught up with Drew shedding his base form. He turned
to stare back down into the valley, his face a grim, forbidding mask.
    Sabine shifted and stared up into Drew’s stony face. “What are they
doing? Wolves don’t hunt in such a manner.”
    “They’re doing what is known as a grid search, a human’s way to look for
a missing child or a body.” Drew’s stony answer offered little reassurance. “I
hope that you are capable of concealing us a little longer. If they pinpoint
the location of your den, we won’t be able to hold them at bay. He’ll have
picked up my scent on his dead kin. He knows I am here. Bardo Redmaven will be
out for blood now.”
    Sabine tasted true dread for the first time. She plopped down on a grassy
knoll. The size of such a force would overwhelm her family. She’d never openly
acknowledged that their defenses were an illusion, a mere blanketing of odors
to conceal themselves. They didn’t have the numbers to stave off an attack.
    “You know him?” Sabine tilting her head in the direction of the
encroaching wolves’ pack leader.
    Still focused on the action below them, Drew let out a disgusted grunt.
“Yeah, I do. Bardo is the Redmaven pack’s alpha.” He spat out the name like a
curse. “He ordered the taking of my sister. We’ll have to leave tonight.”
    Sabine grabbed Drew’s tense arm to gain his attention. “What are you
talking about? My father can’t be moved.”
    He spared her a brief glance before he turned back to monitor the weres’
actions. “He isn’t wounded. I’ve figured out a way to move him. My
fore-fighters are on their way, and they’ll escort the bulk of your pack to
safety. I’ll personally take care of your father. You do all you can to
expedite this evacuation in the short time we have to pull this off.”
    Sabine jutted out her chin. “You can’t order me around. You’re not our
alpha. We’re staying until my father takes his last breath. Balthazar lived
here. He should die here, and be given back to nature in the place he loved so
    Drew’s head whipped around and pinned her with an implacable glare.
“Let’s not get into a pissing contest here, Sabine,” he snapped impatiently. “I
might not be your mate, but I am the dominant male here and you will obey me.
Don’t force me to bend you into submission. I will if I have to.”
    The tart scent of impatience coming off Drew filled her nostrils.
    “The older women won’t follow you until we’ve acknowledge each other as
our mates, and I won’t say the words until I have certain assurances. And I
sure as hell don’t want your mate’s mark on me.”
    In a flash, he was on her. She found herself flat on her back,
spread-eagled under him. Drew’s palms crushed her wrists, his knees pressed
into her thighs, pinning her to the ground. Frantic, she wiggled. The fact she
couldn’t defend herself in this position only made her fight harder.
    He added pressure to hold her still.
    Unable to move, she glared up at him, furious. She was in a blatantly
subservient position, vulnerable. He could take her without any effort.
    In the pure light of morning, flecks of amber smoldered in the dense
brown ofDrew’s irises. Caught by his
gaze, she was riveted by the forcefulness she saw there. Sabine glimpsed the
raw, roiling pain he carried, the power of the alpha were in him, a hint of
what he had the capacity to do.
    Drew’s breath brushed over her lips. Her mouth quivered under the wispy
    He buried his nose into the curve of her neck

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