Her Pirate Master (Entwined Fates)
gave her a cute half smile as he settled her beneath the stream of steaming water. It felt so good against her skin she actually sighed out loud. Haydrien washed her just like he had the other time, starting with her hair, then slowly moving down her body.
    “I’ve never asked, but…” she began, then stopped.
    “What?” he asked as he ran his hand over her hair, making sure he’d gotten all the suds.
    “Are you married?”
    His fingers froze briefly before dropping to gently massage her shoulders and arms.
    “No,” he replied. “Who would put up with me?”
    Jack snickered. “Well, there is that.”
    He slapped her ass, but not hard enough to really hurt. It just surprised her. She gasped and reached around to rub at her behind. “I hurt all over. That isn’t helping.”
    He rubbed the muscles at the small of her back, making her moan low in her throat. What he was doing felt so good, and she wasn’t sure she ever wanted him to stop.
    “Why did you ask if I was married?”
    She shrugged, unsure of the answer herself. “Some men in your position have sex slaves as well as wives. It’s not uncommon.”
    “Would it bother you if I was married?” he asked softly.
    Would it? She didn’t know.
    He dropped to his knees and began to massage her thighs. Jack braced her hand against the wall to hold herself up. “It would bother me to be the other woman.”
    “I can see that, I suppose.”
    His hands moved to her calves, and she closed her eyes. “You haven’t showered yet.”
    “I’ll get to it,” he said. “Are you hungry?”
    She blinked and stared down at him. She hadn’t been on her feet in four days, and as much as she liked this, her brain was starting to get a little fuddled. “What?”
    He stopped massaging her and looked up. He studied her closely as he stood. He raised his hand and wiped the water from her cheek with the pad of his thumb. “I asked if you were hungry.”
    “A little,” she replied, just a tad breathless.
    Unfortunately, her difficulty breathing had nothing to do with her fatigue and more to do with the way he was taking care of her. He tilted her head back and rinsed the soap from her hair and body.
    Once done, he turned off the water, then dried her off with a soft towel. He set the towel aside; then he bent and again picked her up. Jack held tight as he carried her to the bedroom. As he walked through the door, he stopped. Jack raised her head to see why and spotted Gora changing the sheets on the bed.
    “Good,” he said. “I’m glad you’re here. I was just about to call you.”
    Gora nodded and continued making the bed as though it was nothing to see Haydrien standing naked and holding a woman in his arms, but then she didn’t look up at them either as she spoke. “I came to check on you and heard the water running. I assumed you had her in the shower, so it would be safe to change the sheets. You’ll sleep better on clean sheets,” she said with another nod.
    “Thank you,” Jack murmured, her face heating with embarrassment.
    “Jacquelyn is hungry. When you get a chance, would you bring her something?” Haydrien asked as he set her on her feet by the bed.
    “Of course. I’ll be right back.”
    Once she’d left the room, Jack asked, “It doesn’t bother you that she sees you naked?”
    “Why would it?” he said with amusement. “The woman changed my diapers. She knows what I have.”
    Jack chuckled softly at his logic as he helped her under the covers.
    “Now it’s my turn,” he said as he headed back to the shower.
    Jack’s gaze slid over his strong back and firm ass. Wow, he looked so good from behind. She licked her lips, imagining what it would be like to sink her teeth in that taut butt. She sighed and turned her gaze away. She was too tired for that. It was doubtful she would even remain awake long enough for Gora to bring her something to eat.
    * * * *
    It took Jack three days to finally feel like herself again. Haydrien was in and out but

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