Her Pirate Master (Entwined Fates)
and rested back against the pillows that Haydrien fluffed behind her.
    “I never get sick,” she murmured, trying to remember the last four days. Unfortunately, she got nothing.
    “You did this time. Apparently you contracted the same virus my people have been dealing with.”
    “That’s what you needed the medicine for,” she said quietly.
    He nodded. “If I hadn’t had it, you would’ve most likely died. There’s something about your physiology that’s different from ours that made the virus much more aggressive. Twice I thought I was going to lose you.”
    “Then you would’ve lost your leverage with Marcone.”
    He frowned. “Stop it, Jacquelyn.”
    She took a second to really look at him and realized how tired he appeared. Had he been worried about her? For a reason other than his revenge against Jack? The idea that he might be startled her a little. “Have you slept at all?” she asked.
    He shrugged and avoided looking at her by adjusting the blankets over her legs. “I slept some. I mostly watched over you.”
    Jacquelyn was speechless. He’d really done that? Why would he have done that? Haydrien certainly didn’t fit the usual mold for a kidnapper. At least any kidnapper she’d ever heard of.
    “Your fever finally broke, if you want to take a shower,” he offered.
    A shower did sound good. “I’m pretty weak,” she said. “I, uh…may need help.”
    “Do you want me to get Gora?”
    His question surprised her, but she shook her head. “It’s not like we haven’t showered together before.”
    One side of his lips lifted in a boyish grin that made her heart skip. “True.”
    “Besides, you look like you could use one as well.”
    He frowned and raked his hand through his messy hair. More stubble than usual covered his jaw, but the look suited him. Too well, she thought.
    “I showered,” he said.
    “When?” she asked, not sure she believed him.
    “I don’t know. About four days ago,” he replied sheepishly.
    Jacquelyn snickered.
    “Don’t laugh,” he commanded as he pointed a finger at her. “I’ve been a very busy man.”
    “Oh, I’m sure.”
    “If you think you’re a handful when you’re well, you should see how demanding you are when you’re sick. And whiny…”
    Jack smiled softly at his teasing. Haydrien could be quite charming when he wanted to be. The thought unsettled her, and her smile faded. First he takes care of her; then he teases her. She didn’t want him to be nice. She needed him to be his usual asshole self. What would happen to her if she fell in love with him? That was one thought she definitely didn’t want to think about.
    “Let me see your hand. We need to get the IV out.”
    He took her hand in his and gently pulled the tape from her flesh. It felt as though it was ripping her skin, and she hissed. “Just jerk it,” she said.
    “Are you sure?” he asked.
    She nodded and braced herself. He jerked the tape free, and it was actually easier to take fast tearing than the slow ripping. He pulled the needle free and wiped the blood that oozed from the tiny hole.
    Jack watched breathlessly as he brought her hand to his mouth. He placed a sweet kiss against it, letting his lips linger against her flesh. Jack cleared her throat nervously, and he set her hand back down.
    “There. Now shower time.”
    He stood and threw the blankets off her legs, then once again grabbed her hands. He tugged her to her feet, but her knees buckled under her weight. Haydrien reacted quickly and swooped her into his arms like a knight. Jack wrapped her arms around his neck and stared at him as though she didn’t know who he was.
    Too much of this treatment, and she’d fall head over heels.

Chapter Fourteen
    Haydrien stood Jacquelyn in the middle of the shower, then reached to turn on the water.
    “Warm or cold?” he asked.
    “Hot. I feel filthy.”
    He chuckled and turned on the water. “You look adorable.”
    “That’s sweet, but I also know it’s a lie.”

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