Her Heart's Desire

Her Heart's Desire by Lauren Wilder

Book: Her Heart's Desire by Lauren Wilder Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lauren Wilder
Tags: Romance
tongue he brought her off instantly. He groaned as he felt her coming. He lapped at her juices and sucked her clit as she convulsed on his tongue. She cried out and tugged hard on his hair as she screamed in ecstasy.
    He moved up her quivering body and kissed her lips passionately, his tongue darting into her mouth to share her secretions. She gasped and licked at him, wild and hungry.
    ‘Now it’s my turn,’ he growled, taking her hand and raising her from the bed.
    ‘Suck me, my naughty maid,’ he demanded.
    * * * *
    Marisa gladly went to her knees as he presented his beautiful cock to her lips. She licked it slowly while staring up at him. She savored the salty, familiar taste of him as he pushed his cock slowly into her open mouth. He groaned as she teased him, sucking him softly. He held her head and pushed her onto his shaft as he thrust into her mouth.
    ‘I’m coming, oh, God!’ He exploded into her mouth, flooding her throat, and she took him eagerly, tasting him, swallowing until he was spent.
    ‘Good lord, I saw stars then!’ he said, gasping as he lifted her up and they lay on the bed, exhilarated.
    ‘It wasn’t too much, my darling?’ He inquired gently, the lust-crazed animal in him now tamed and calmed.
    ‘No, I enjoyed it. It turns me on when you dominate me. I loved it. It was hot.’
    She kissed him lazily and wrapped her leg around his hip. He slipped a hand between her legs. She knew she was drenched, wetter than she had ever been in her life.
    ‘See what you do to me?’
    He groaned and nuzzled into her neck. ‘You’re fantastic,’ he whispered.
    ‘Oh, I know.’ She giggled teasingly.
    ‘Oh, do you now, Miss Modesty.’ He grinned sexily as he rolled on top of her and slipped easily inside, moving slowly until she felt as though she was floating beneath him, her body a shivering, pleasure-soaked mess.
    * * * *
    Mrs. Reed had not failed to notice the closeness between Marisa and James. She crept around spying on them whenever she could. One afternoon, she decided to see what they were up to in the lounge as Marcus and Felicity had yet another heated argument upstairs.
    Entering the room, she watched in horror as Marisa giggled and wrapped her arms around James. No , she thought. How could this have happened so fast?
    She felt her blood boil and jealousy overwhelm her. She adored Lord St. John, but, my God, he could be an impetuous fool!
    The little American must have seduced him with her wily ways and big, bouncing tits!
    Mrs. Reed fumed as she caught Marisa’s eye and scowled at her with animated hatred. Mrs. Reed noted the nervous look in Marisa’s eyes. Good., you should be nervous, I’m onto you . Marisa looked away quickly and snuggled in closer to James.
    ‘Let’s eat out this evening honey. I want you all to myself,’ she whispered to James as Mrs. Reed coughed to signal her entrance.
    ‘If you’d like to, of course, I can take you into Marlow. I know a great little Italian restaurant on the river. It’s very romantic.’
    ‘Yep, sounds great.’ She hugged him tight.
    Mrs. Reed coughed. ‘Excuse me, sir, I just wanted to collect the seating plan and menus for the Ashford function,’ Mrs. Reed said, trying to keep her agitation out of her voice.
    James released Marisa gently and cleared his throat, ‘ Marisa has passed all the details to Mrs. Rose and Alfred. Please liaise with them, Mrs. Reed, ’ he replied curtly.
    ‘ Very well, sir, will you be requiring dinner tonight? ’
    ‘ No, thank you, Mrs. Reed. Marisa and I shall be dining out this evening. ’
    She nodded and retreated quickly.
    * * * *
    ‘That damn woman seems to be everywhere lately, interrupting us unannounced,’ he said as he smoothed Marisa’s hair back from her face to plant a kiss on her forehead.
    ‘I know. She acts kind of weird around me. I have to admit, I don’t like her James, she seems a bit odd to me.
    ‘Oh, she’s harmless, don’t worry. She’s been here

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