Her Dragon Hero
with half a brain, who has met you and Slade could figure it out.”
    A laugh rumbled from his chest, delighting her senses.
    “So, you’re on an intelligence mission. Learning about human women right?”
    “I love that you’re so smart, baby.”
    “I think the answer to your mission is to take a willing, human woman back to your realm and let them tell you everything about us.”
    “I didn’t think of that.”
    “Okay, so that’s why you’re here. Now, tell me about this true mates thing.”
    His arms tightened around her. “The old dragon legends say when dragons were created, they were created less than whole. The first dragon cried and begged for a mate to complete his lost half. So, the gods created a female so perfect, it filled him with overflowing love. The gods took the overflow and scattered it through all of time, so every dragon hatched could have a chance of finding the other half of their soul, their one true, dragon mate. As we have been discovering, it is not only dragons who have been given the other part of their souls. I found mine in you.”
    The adoration in his gaze made her pulse quicken as his words slowly sank into her overwhelmed brain. He couldn’t love her after such a short time, or she him, could she? She felt something for Brimstone, a powerful sexual attraction, lust—but love?
    She was never in love with her ex-boyfriend; this much was clear. He had been company against her fear of being alone, but from the research for her books, she often discovered myth and legend came from a solid, factual source. Her hand trembled when she reached up and touched his face.
    “That is beautiful.”
    “It’s what I felt when I first touched you. My dragon knows without a doubt who you are, and what you’re meant to be. I see now humans don’t have the same internal instincts we do.”
    “I felt a powerful pull towards you which confused, frightened and excited me.”
    “Slade’s right, you’re too curious to run away from your fear.”
    He was spot on. She grinned. “Smart dragon.”
    He grunted and her smile widened. “Yes, have I satisfied your curiosity enough for now?”
    “Good, because I want to fuck you so fucking bad it hurts.”
    He twisted her in his lap, so her legs straddled his.
    “Well, I can’t let you suffer, can I?”
    She reached between their bodies, easily finding the straining bulge in his crotch.
    He hissed at the press of  her hand, and she felt powerful that her slightest touch affected him so. “Touch me and it’ll be over before we start.”
    She laughed at the challenge. “With your stamina, I doubt it.” She let him go and curled her fingers into the fabric of his t-shirt, deciding to take a leaf out of his book. “Enough talk, make love to me, my dragon hero.” She kissed him.
    A growl emanated from his chest, and he quickly took control, gripping the back of her head, their tongues tangled. As their passion mounted she heard fabric tear in his haste to render her naked. He cupped her breast as his lips travelled downward.
    A creaking and a sudden snap plummeted them both to the floor, the chair broken under them. She squealed in shock, Brim cursed and she shrieked with laughter.
    “Need a fucking bed,” he rumbled, keeping her in his arms and using his strength to lift her into the air from his sprawled position on the floor. He ran to the bed, depositing her none too gently on top. He stripped with lightning speed and his weight came down on top, pinning her to the bed.
    “Mine!” he snarled, gripping her wrists and latching onto her right breast with his mouth.
    Her body arched. God, how she loved this rough and tumble Brimstone. She froze at the thought. He sensed her sudden change in mood and paused, lifting his head.
    “What’s wrong?”
    She swallowed and met his gaze. Fuck it. In for a penny, in for a pound. “I think, I love you.”
    He frowned, studying her face, and her stomach fluttered with worry. Didn’t he

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