Her Demon Prince (Forbidden Fantasy)

Her Demon Prince (Forbidden Fantasy) by Cathleen Ross

Book: Her Demon Prince (Forbidden Fantasy) by Cathleen Ross Read Free Book Online
Authors: Cathleen Ross
expression. "Don't be afraid of me, Princess. You were my wife in our past
    "What?" The shock of
his intent hit her like a blow, but she knew the difference between sexual
obsession and love. He'd worked his mesmerizing powers on her when she'd been
asleep. She was not going to mistake her feelings for him as love or buy into
his obsession.
    "I've waited three
thousand years. I'll do whatever it takes to make you love me again."
    "Quit talking about
taking heads off. It sickens me."
    Walking to the kitchen bench,
he picked up the kettle, filled it with water and plugged it in.
    "What are you
doing?" It seemed bizarre watching him behave in a normal way after the
lightning experience had shocked the pants off her.
    "When your woman is
emotional, make her a cup of tea and say sorry even if you are right," he
said, as if repeating a memory. He reached across, opened the cupboard and took
out a packet of teabags.
    Phoebe folded her arms.
"The cop thinks that?"
    He gave her such a stunning
smile, his teeth white, his sensuous mouth turned up, that she smiled back.
    "That man is a
jerk," she said.
    He put a teabag in the teacup
that he'd pulled from the cupboard and filled it with water. "You need
sustenance while I am away. The house is well stocked with food." He
frowned, opened the refrigerator and looked inside.
    "What are you
doing?" she asked.
    "The cop's memory had
food in the house." He opened a cupboard and pulled out a can. Biting down
on it, she heard his teeth crunch and she winced.
    "How do you eat
this?" he asked.
    "Try searching the cop's
database for the word, 'can opener,'" she added, taking it from his hands
and on seeing a picture of beans, put it back in the cupboard. She opened the
freezer, noticed it was stocked with frozen packets of steak and vegetables,
pulled out a loaf of bread and set it down on the bench.
    "Kiss me goodbye,
    "Wait a minute. You can't
leave me here without a way to communicate with you. What if you don't come
back?" She didn't want to be left here in the middle of nowhere. If she
tried to leave she'd end up like the cushion.
    "Nothing will stop me
returning to you, but if you need me, hold your hand over this stone and I will
come for you." He unclasped a wrist shield made of metal and leather,
decorated with lapis lazuli like his breastplate.
    It was too big for her wrist
and hung over her hand like an ancient bracelet.
    "But I'm not psychic. I
can't send messages. You know that."
    "Everything in this world
is carried on a wave of energy. I am especially tuned to yours and you to mine.
I will hear your vibration."
    Phoebe stared into his eyes
and he gave her a devastating smile again. At that moment, she knew exactly how
dangerous he was. Already she could feel her body heat mixing with his, he was
standing so close. He took her in his arms and kissed her and she didn't think
to stop him, the pull of him was irresistible. When his lips pressed down on
hers, his hands moved from her shoulder blades and down over her back to her
hips, pressing her against him. She stood on her toes and kissed him back,
wrapping her arms around the back of his neck for leverage.
    Her hunger for him sent
ripples throughout her body. Their tongues intertwined, seeking and tasting.
The memory of doing this before with this male echoed in her mind. There had
been love here once. Waves of longing assailed her bringing her unsatisfied
need to the fore. This felt so right in all the wrong circumstances.
    This was not a man: this was a
    And still she kissed him. The
sensation of his lips and tongue working their magic on her brought a
kaleidoscope of sensual images of another time in the past flashing into her
mind. A powerful wave of heat flared from her mind to her nipples, flashed down
her spine and exploded between her legs. Her body stiffened, her back arched
and she dug her fingernails into his shoulders. Another wave, harder and
brighter than the first, exploded. She ground her

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