Hearts of Iron

Hearts of Iron by Laura Day

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Authors: Laura Day
each other for the pure need of closeness and connection until they both groaned in tandem, trembling on the edge of the precipice of their perfect union.
    “I love you,” cried Katie as her orgasm stole away her fear.
    And as crazy as she knew it was, she really did.
    Lance’s heart had never felt so contented. So filled up with the “good stuff.” He thought the smile of his face might never leave and found it incredibly difficult to keep his hands off of Katie while they both dressed.
    “Stop, already. My pussy needs some healing time. At least until after…”
    “Hey, you don’t worry about all that.” He ignored her protests and pulled her in for a cuddle. “I’ll sort the law problem out. Of course I will.”
    She pulled away. “I appreciate that, I do. But what’s the plan?”
    He shrugged.
    “Tell me you have a plan. They have guns. I won’t… lose you.” 
    Lance reveled in her need of him, her concern for his safety. “I’ll be fine. I got serious reasons to be now.” He stroked her face.
    “Stop fooling around.” She beamed, then frowned again. “Why didn’t I listen to you, Lance? I’m such a fool, and now you’re in danger.”
    “The only thing I’m in danger of is never leaving this trailer.” He winked and kissed her cheek.
    She lowered her gaze and saw his problem. Her eyebrows rose. “Oh, I see. Ready to go for it all the time?”
    He placed his hands on her ass and rested his forehead against hers. “Only for you.”
    “Oh yeah? Sounds… serious.” Stepping back she put her hands on her hips and looked to the basin. “Now, should I carry a spare toothbrush in my bag for sleepovers… or just move in?”
    Lance tickled her while she giggled.
    His phone vibrated in his back pocket, disturbing their fun. “Yeah,” he answered, laughing.
    “We got us some law trouble on camp. You coming?”
    “I’m on my way. And leave them to me. I got this.” He hung up and looked at Katie, whose expression dropped. “It’s time. Take your car home or stay here; up to you.”
    She shook her head and grabbed her car keys. “Um, I’m coming with you. It’s all my fault remember?”
    He smiled, loving her courage for one so small and, physically at least, so fragile. “You don’t even know where I’m going, or what I’m going to do.”
    “I’ll follow you. I’ll find out when we get there.”
    Lance laughed, splashed his face with cold water, and dragged damp fingers through his golden waves. Grabbing his keys he said, “You can try.”

    Katie couldn’t keep up as Lance predicted, though she sure did try. And her car was pretty fast, just not as fast as his Hog. He did not intend to endanger her life or let her see how he took care of business. If things got messy, he didn’t want her to see him with blood on his hands. He wanted her to see him as a decent man; he cared what she thought.
    When he arrived at camp, four lawmen sat tied up and gagged in the center by the roaring campfire. “Hey, good job guys. Never expected you to get these pinned down tonight, not after dealing with those ugly fuckers and the whiskey we drank to celebrate.” He grinned and Josh shook hands in greeting. “Thought you were heading to Josie’s for the night.”
    “She threw me out again, “ Josh said, shrugging. “Felt like causing a little trouble, so a few of us rounded these sons-o’-bitches up and brought them here, ready for you.”
    Lance had already planned to deal with the lawmen when they arrived, but as soon as he’d seen Katie in the bar he knew he had to move quickly. The distress they had caused her made him want to pummel their faces.
    Lance came to Miller from Hampton, Florida. The most corrupt place in the U.S. He saw how law went out the window for decent folks when the underworld took over. Of course, if they had turned out to be

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