Harry and the Transsexuals
Harry had never been in this particular lounge before, but it felt familiar. The dark red carpeting, the cheap wood paneling on the walls, the dim lighting, the vinyl seating in the booths. They were all the same. These bars weren't pretty, but they were comfortable. A good place to have a few drinks, maybe a smoke and let the bullshit of the day fade away.
    Harry traveled for a living and was in the last city on his schedule before heading home, just a few hours drive away. He met with clients all over the country selling video surveillance equipment. It paid well, but it didn’t seem like it did. Harry was still paying his ex-wife alimony. His wife, not exactly a prize herself, left him for another man. She was still shacked up with the unemployed loser and they were living off Harry’s alimony payments in a singlewide. The payments would cease if she married the guy, but she wouldn’t out of spite.
    At forty-seven, Harry was beaten and sad. His only daughter had just graduated college and he was looking forward to a pension in a few years. His ex-wife had tried several times to attach that too, but she was never successful. He was middle aged and he looked it. Beer gut, bald spot, and a prescription for Viagra weren't at the top of many women's lists when looking for a man. He had been alone for a long time.
    Harry sipped the last of his first Jack and Coke and signaled the waitress for another. He liked that about these places. Most had a waitress or two and often enough they were easy on the eyes, though Harry could admit his standards weren't all that high anymore. Unfortunately, this waitress was old enough to be his mom and was missing at least two teeth. Oh well, she was quick and attentive and Harry didn't have to fetch his own drinks.
    The night slipped away as Harry had polished off three more drinks while he pretended to watch the baseball game on the TV. Mostly he just daydreamed, however. He dreamed of retirement. Getting off the road and getting to spend some time at home, such as it was. Maybe he could lose a few pounds, meet a woman, and have a real life. Even though Harry led a dreary existence, he was an optimist and hoped things would get better someday, despite the fact they never did.
    As Harry called for his check, the door opened and two young girls burst into the bar. They were both tall and sexy. The one with the long blonde hair that fell from her head in big, loose curls wore a short black skirt and a shiny blue halter-top that plunged deeply between her small breasts. Black nylons covered her shapely legs and she wore tall black pumps. The other had shorter dark brown hair and wore a red sleeveless dress that came to mid-thigh. She wore tan nylons and red high-heeled sandals. Her tits were big and round and her hips were full and womanly. Her eyes seemed to sparkle.
    When the waitress came over, Harry ordered another drink instead. He wasn't too proud to hang out and enjoy a little eye candy. The two girls took seats at the bar and each ordered a glass of white wine. They didn't really fit in here, but Harry wasn't complaining. They talked and laughed with each other and ordered more wine. They were both very pretty. Harry let himself imagine himself in bed with them. No need to surf porn on his laptop tonight, he had all the stimulation he needed sitting over at the bar.
    Harry nursed his drink. It had been 20 minutes since the girls had come in and he really didn't want to leave. It was late, maybe eleven, but this was worth it, especially when the brunette girl started looking his way. Harry told himself it was his imagination, but then the brunette grabbed her blonde friend's attention and whispered, as they both now glanced over. Harry was a little self-conscience. Were they attracted to him? Doubtful. More likely, they were making fun of him.
    After a few moments, they made their way to Harry’s booth, wine glasses in hand, “Hi, I'm Deidre,” the blonde said and then gesturing towards

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