Hagen, Lynn - Stormy Eyes [Brac Pack 5] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove)

Hagen, Lynn - Stormy Eyes [Brac Pack 5] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove) by Lynn Hagen

Book: Hagen, Lynn - Stormy Eyes [Brac Pack 5] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove) by Lynn Hagen Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lynn Hagen
    Brac Pack 5

    Copyright © 2011


    Kyoshi huddled close to his cousin as the cargo box doors swung open, the light blinding him after days of darkness. Along with his cousin, there were three other men with him. They whimpered as they were pulled roughly to their feet. Kyoshi stepped in front of Keata. He wouldn’t allow any of these men to harm his cousin.
    “Take them to the van.” A gruff-looking American yanked the other three men out of the box. Kyoshi was gripped with fear with wondering why he and Keata were separated from the others.
    Keata gripped the back of his shirt, shaking uncontrollably. A whimper escaped his cousin’s lips, his grip growing tighter. Kyoshi reached back, squeezing Keata’s hand, trying to give him some sort of small comfort.
    Being kidnapped off of the streets of Japan was terrifying. The kidnappers had no idea Kyoshi spoke fluent English. They talked as if the five men weren’t even of consequence. They talked of how the five were to be sold off, how buyers were already lined up.
    Kyoshi knew that every year, millions of people were trafficked and sold for profit to greedy people who cared for nothing but money and power, but he never thought he or his cousin would be a part of that.
    The thought of his world no longer existing—that he and his cousin were to become slaves of sex for some pervert—clenched the muscles in his stomach. He had to keep a cool head for nothing else but to keep his cousin safe.
    “I want these two for my own personal use.” The ugly American pointed to a large boat and ordered the fat guy to put Kyoshi and Keata in his quarters.
    Kyoshi fought the fat man, trying desperately to save him and his cousin. He was only five two, and not a muscle to him, but tremendous fear made him fight for their lives. The fat man slapped Kyoshi and threatened to kill Keata if he didn’t behave. The ugly man who must be in charge laughed, yanking Kyoshi’s chin to examine his face. Under those sausage-like fingers, Kyoshi’s skin burned with disgust. Knowing he had no choice, Kyoshi relented.
    As they neared the big boat, Kyoshi bit the man, tearing flesh from his arm as he fought like a crazed man. The American howled in pain and released Kyoshi. Grabbing Keata, he fled. He had no idea where they were. This was a foreign country, a place he had never been before, but even jumping into the water and risking drowning was better than what awaited them if they were caught.
    Keata cried as he ran fast behind Kyoshi, who knew his cousin had no clue what was going on. Kyoshi tightened his grip on Keata’s hand as he weaved along the pier. There must be somewhere they could hide.
    Fearful of being caught, and of those Americans catching up to them, Kyoshi pulled at Keata as he jumped onto the closest boat to them. He grabbed the tarp lying on the floor, pushing his cousin to the ground as he crawled next to him, covering their bodies and praying he hadn’t jumped from one mess into another. He prayed that whoever owned this small boat didn’t want to traffic them as the Americans did.
    “Hush, little one.” Kyoshi pulled his smaller cousin into his arms as they waited for a miracle.

Chapter One

    “I need you to head down to the marinas. There’s a fisherman there that has some information I need. Talk to him.” Alpha Maverick tossed an envelope onto the desk, waiting for Storm to grab it.
    “What’s with the envelope? I feel like I’m in the mafia.” Storm picked it up and bent the clasps up.
    “Don’t. It’s not for you to open. Give it to Paul. He’ll know what to do. Wait for him to give you the information.”
    Storm shrugged as he headed out to his truck. He needed a damn decoder ring to understand his Alpha sometimes.
    Storm walked out to his truck, opened the door and climbed in. He sat back for a moment, remembering the last time his Alpha acted squirrely. Alpha Maverick had sent Beta Kota off on a mission. The wolf had

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