Grimm Tidings: Grimm's Circle, Book 6

Grimm Tidings: Grimm's Circle, Book 6 by Shiloh Walker

Book: Grimm Tidings: Grimm's Circle, Book 6 by Shiloh Walker Read Free Book Online
Authors: Shiloh Walker
over his shoulders. A small grin tugged at the corners of his mouth. “Perhaps we didn’t.”
    Then his strange, silver eyes started to glow. The sight of it was enough to make her wince—she’d seen those eyes glow only once before. The night he appeared at her side, after things had torn into her body.
    “I’m sorry those memories are so clear for you,” Will said gently.
    She tried for a casual shrug. “Hey, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? Or in my case, what does kill you.”
    “You’ve changed quite a lot.”
    “Still a work in progress—have to figure out how to handle things with Jacob. I—”
    Something moved out of the corner of her eye. No.
    Some one .
    Hissing out a breath, she braced herself, prepared—
    Nothing human, nothing Grimm moved like that.
    And she had no fucking weapons, and her gift was useless in combat.
    A hand gripped her arm even as she prepared to spring. “Calm down, Celine. He’s…well, we can’t call him a friend, but he’s not a demon, either.”
    She stared, watched whatever it was as it raced along through the coming shadows. Twilight was settling fast, and the…whatever…used those shadows well.
    Fast—so damn. Something caught the light. It looked like hair.
    And then he was just there .
    A man. Not a thing, not a demon, she didn’t think. But a man.
    Standing in front of her.
    He was her height. His hair was still settling around his shoulders but he stood as still as a statue, like he hadn’t just raced how hard, how fast…? Then she met his eyes and her breath froze in her lungs.
    Those eyes—
    Red …
    Like the voracious, starving eyes of a monster. She didn’t care what Will said…there was something not right about this guy.
    It didn’t matter that she saw awareness, and some spark of humanity, burning in his gaze as he studied her. And a smile curled his lips as he studied. “Oh. Will, you should have given her to me. She smells ripe with fear…”
    Will cuffed him across the head—or tried to. The man was gone before Will even managed to lift a hand. Faster than a Grimm? Was that possible?
    Those eerie red eyes remained focused on her face, that devilish smile still on his face.
    “Enough, Rob. Why are you here?” Will said with a sigh.
    Rob ? Such a normal-sounding name. Such a decidedly not normal man.
    He inched a step closer and Celine watched as he dragged in a draught of air through his nostrils. She had the most disconcerting sensation he was smelling her. Not just in the casual way that happened with the Grimm, but like he was actually checking her scent.
    Still keeping him in her line of sight, Celine took a careful step back. Then another, just to be on the safe side.
    The smile on his face had a rather evil bent to it and once she’d back away, the smile widened into a full-fledged, wicked grin. He blinked and then looked at Will. “Come on, mate. You didn’t think I could be around that much fear and not take advantage of it.” The red in his eyes faded somewhat, replaced by an almost normal shade of brown.
    If it wasn’t for the maniacal glint she saw gleaming there.
    Then she caught sight of the leather cord around his neck.
    Swallowing, she followed it downward. When she saw the top edge of the silver disc, she closed her eyes. “Hell, no wonder you didn’t give up on me. You’ve got bastards even crazier than me working for you,” she muttered, turning away.
    The Grimm across from her started to laugh, apparently very amused.
    Will just grunted. “Celine, you’re not as crazy as you would think. You were just more…stubborn.” He looked back at Rob and scowled. “Why are you here ?”
    The smile fell from his face, replaced by a heavy, tight darkness. “Can’t you feel it?” Rob’s lids drooped, shielding his eyes. He turned away, staring out into the coming night, one hand lifted. “There’s something in the air here…it drew me in. I couldn’t stay away.”

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