Gregory's Rebellion

Gregory's Rebellion by Lavinia Lewis

Book: Gregory's Rebellion by Lavinia Lewis Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lavinia Lewis
under a direct order from Dean, but he’d done it just the same. It appeared Ashton had been the victim of manipulation all along and Gregory hadn’t had a damn clue.
    Hayden’s safety might be of the utmost importance to Gregory, but he couldn’t kill Jared to ensure that safety. There had to be another way. He just didn’t know what it was. He covered his face with his hands as a sense of helplessness overwhelmed him. What would Dean do when he found out Gregory had dared to disobey him?
    Gregory considered talking to Riley—his superior in the council—about Dean’s threat, but he had no idea if Riley could be trusted any more than Dean. But, of course, if he confided in Riley that would involve telling the council about Hayden and by doing that Gregory could himself be putting his mate at an even greater risk than he was already in. Talk about a catch-twenty-two. The important thing was to tell Jared about Dean’s threat. He had to know his life was in danger. When Dean realised Gregory had no intention of doing what he’d asked, he’d find someone else to do his dirty work for him. Jared needed to prepare for that. He couldn’t fight an enemy he didn’t know existed. Gregory was just stepping out of his car when Jared came rushing out of the door of the office like his tail end was on fire.
    “What’s going on?” Gregory asked.
    “I just got a call about a disturbance. The address is Seth Armstrong’s but the woman hung up before I could get any more information.”
    “Seth Armstrong?” Gregory questioned.
    “Yeah, he’s a young wolf that works here at the sheriff’s office, administrative duties. He’s a nice kid, but I think his father beats on him.”
    “Where is Sheriff Ferguson?”
    “Already knocked off.”
    “You mind if I tag along?”
    Jared shook his head. “Course not. I’d be grateful for the help.”
    Gregory followed the deputy to the cruiser and slid into the passenger seat.
    “How was Vegas?” Jared asked. He put the car in drive and sped out of the lot.
    Gregory shrugged. “Complicated.”
    “Sounds ominous. You talk to Kelan?”
    “Yeah, just came from the Crazy Horse.”
    “So he told you about Deveraux?”
    Gregory nodded. “Yeah, he told me. What were you thinking questioning him, Jared? You shouldn’t get involved in this. It’s too dangerous.”
    “I couldn’t sit back and do nothing. People are dying.”
    Gregory bristled. “You don’t need to tell me that. My own partner was killed, remember?”
    Jared sighed. “Then why are you giving me shit about this? I thought you’d be happy I’m trying to do something to help.”
    Gregory bit his lip. He was reluctant to tell Jared his life was in danger before he went out on a call. It wouldn’t be fair and would only serve to distract him. He’d tell him everything when they got back to the office.
    “I don’t want to see you get into trouble. Did you think about what would happen if Dean found out you spoke to Deveraux about him?”
    “Of course I thought about it. But if Dean really is responsible for people’s deaths then he needs to pay. He can’t get away with it.”
    “What the hell does Nate think about you getting involved in all of this?”
    Jared pursed his lips. He remained silent.
    “Jesus, you haven’t told him, have you?” Gregory groaned.
    “Of course I haven’t,” Jared hissed. “He’d go ape shit.”
    “And rightly so.”
    There was little traffic on the roads as they drove through town, but enough that Jared still had to stop at all the lights to avoid a collision. After waiting at the fourth set of lights, he lost it.
    “God damn it!” He switched on the siren and overtook a black Ford, narrowly missing an oncoming SUV. “If that son of a bitch has hurt Seth again, I swear to God I will press charges against him even if Seth doesn’t want me to.”
    “Why hasn’t he brought charges against him before?”
    Jared made a sharp right. “Seth won’t even talk about it. The

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