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    89 John Grierson (1898–1972) was the central figure at the GPO Film Unit and was largely responsible for such films as
Night Mail
    90 Lotte Reiniger (1899–1981), German film director and scriptwriter.
Journey Without Maps
A Gun for Sale
    92 ‘The People’s Pilgrimage’, an article about George V lying in state at Westminster Hall
(Daily Mail
, 23 January 1936; reprint,
, 37–9).
People of Britain
(also known as
Peace of Britain
and the
Peace Film)
was directed by Paul Rotha in 1936, with music composed by Benjamin Britten; it was a propaganda film urging people to work for peace.
Strike Me Pink
, starring Eddie Cantor and Ethel Merman.
    95 The manuscript of Narayan’s second novel
The Bachelor of Arts
, in which the main character is named Chandran. Greene wrote highly appreciative introductions to editions of this novel appearing in 1937 and 1978 (see
55–7 and 299–302).
    96 Malcolm Muggeridge (1903–90) had taken a position in 1934 as assistant editor of the
Calcutta Statesman
    97 Margaret Wilson (1882–1973) won the Pulitzer Prize for her novel
The Able McLaughlins
(1923). She also wrote extensively about India, where she had worked as a missionary. Her husband Colonel G. D. Turner was a prison inspector who had arranged for Greene to visit Wormwood Scrubs in preparation for writing
It’s a Battlefield
. Colonel Turner’s daughter by his first wife married the publisher Rupert Hart-Davis (Mockler, 701).
    98 ‘My Worst Film’,
, 318. In this essay of 1987, Greene quotes his own comments on the film in a
piece of January 1940.
    99 Greene had worked with the screenwriter Edward O. Berkman on the film of
The Green Cockatoo
(1937). Although he wrote respectfully of his collaborator, it is hard to imagine Greene satisfied with a man who could write
Bedtime for Bonzo
    100 Leonard Alfred George Strong (1896-1958) was a well-known poet and novelist.
    101 Narayan’s ‘A Breach of Promise’ appeared in the
(4 September 1936).

    With Lucy (called ‘Bear’) in the care of her grandparents, Vivien gave birth to their second child, Francis, on
September 1936. Having recently completed the film treatment of the Galsworthy story, Graham was looking forward to the journey to Mexico that would lead him to write
The Lawless Roads (1939)
The Power and the Glory (1940).
    North Side. Clapham Common. | London. S.W. 4 |
August 29 [1936]
    Dearest Mumma,
    It’s a long time since I’ve written, but I’ve been in a rather inert condition. My run-downness culminated about a week ago in a poisoned face, which swelled up in a most embarrassing way. Painful too, like continuous tooth-ache. The day before yesterday I couldn’t stand it any longer and had a cut made by a doctor, and yesterday and today a good deal of the poison has been coming out. I think the swelling will be a lot down tomorrow, as I find I can get my toothbrush round this morning! Martha seems admirable, nice and a very competent cook. I only hope she’ll stay. I feel it must be rather dull for her until we get a second girl. There’s no chance now I’m afraid of having Bear back till the end of the month, I mean the end of Sept. We miss her a great deal.
    When everything’s settled down, I shall try to take a week’s holiday. I’ve got to learn Spanish too [in] the next few months, for rather to my agent’s surprise Sheed & Ward, the Catholic publishers,have accepted our terms, £500 advance on English language rights, for a Mexican book on the religious persecution, and D.V. I shall be going off in January. I shall go via New York to pick up introductions and information and try to arrange a lecture tour for later in the Catholic states.
    I can’t help hoping too that something might turn up from Hollywood when I’m actually in America. If I get across to Sonora in Mexico, where they had the Indian war

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