Grace Party: Escape to Reality Greatest Hits, Volume 3

Grace Party: Escape to Reality Greatest Hits, Volume 3 by Paul Ellis

Book: Grace Party: Escape to Reality Greatest Hits, Volume 3 by Paul Ellis Read Free Book Online
Authors: Paul Ellis
From E2R
    I have been a Christian for nearly 50 years and a pastor
for 10 years, but until I began reading Escape to Reality I never really
understood God’s amazing grace. Paul Ellis has really opened my eyes. Now I use
what I am learning to teach this amazing grace myself.
    -         Earl H., pastor, Fort Pierce, FL
    By God’s grace I discovered Escape to Reality. Paul’s
presentation of the gospel message is such good news, as the gospel should be.
I thoroughly enjoy his writing style and wit which keeps me engaged and always
returning for more. God has given him a great gift to share with the world!
    -         Sandy M., homemaker, Gresham, OR
    I was in a dark place when I found Escape to Reality. Now,
I’m no longer in a state of hopelessness, but I am marveling at God’s wonderful
grace! Jesus has saved me!
    -         Grant W., student, Cleveland, OH
    In reading Paul’s writings I found that I was living under
mixture. Through his ministry God has totally liberated me and now I have a far
greater understanding of the gospel of grace.
    -         Dennis E., scrub nurse, Beckley, WV
    I find Escape to Reality so helpful. I had asked God,
“Please, help me learn more about your grace.” I had walked away out of fear
and ignorance but his grace found me. I praise God for Paul’s ministry
    -         Nicomedes C., heavy equipment driver,
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    Before I
found Escape to Reality, I had no peace, and I felt guilty and condemned in
regard to demands of law. As I started reading Paul’s posts, God revealed the
truth and now I am completely free. I know how much God loves me and what he
did for me through Jesus. I thank God for Paul’s ministry!
    -         Santhosh, computer technician, Chennai,
    I love Paul’s commonsense explanations of the Scriptures,
and the way he peels away all the bad teachings that have come up over the
years. So much religious dogma has entered the church making the simple gospel
complicated. I appreciate Paul’s sense of humor, too, and enjoy sharing the
good news with our ladies Bible study. Thanks Paul.
    -         BJ Brown, retired, Grand Junction, CO
    I have
been extremely blessed and greatly encouraged by the writings of Paul Ellis.
His pure approach to helping me understand the wonder and depth of God’s grace
through Christ has opened my eyes to a deeper love and gratitude for the
sweetness of our heavenly Father and his love. Thank you so much. The Truth is
Jesus, and he will set you free!
    -         Aimee F., Whitehall, PA
    Escape to Reality has been a wonderful blessing in my life.
Because of the years of wrong teaching, I have needed to hear the message of grace
many times and in many ways. Grace truly is the message of Truth which sets us
free! I share Paul’s messages with others all the time. I have given his books
to heaps of people. E2R has a far wider outreach than you can imagine. Paul, I
often thank God for how he speaks through you!
    -         Kathleen A., teacher, Wellington, New Zealand

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