Grace by Laura Marie Henion

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Authors: Laura Marie Henion
quickly touched her arm stopping her.
    "What the hell do you mean we don't?"
    "I tried to explain a lot of the things that go on in places like this, Grace. There's just too much to explain everything."
    "Well try, Mary. I want to find out what happened to Celina. This guy could be responsible for her disappearance. There are other girls still missing, some murdered. If this guy is responsible, then we have to find out."
    Grace was angry and Mary just stood there, pale, frightened, and unwilling to continue.
    Is the Master responsible for Celina's disappearance? Did he kill the other girls?
    As Grace asked the questions, the reality that she was that close to their only suspect was disturbing to say the least.
    "I have to tell Felix and Frank something. My commander will want a detailed report on his desk by tomorrow morning."
    "I understand that, Grace. Just give me until tomorrow. I need to gather my thoughts. Please hold them off until tomorrow."
    Grace's cell-phone rang again. This time, it was Felix.
    "Grace! Are you all right? We lost you there for a while. Where are you now?” Grace heard the concern in her partner's voice.
    "We're fine. Mary's a little shaken up. We're both exhausted, though."
    "What happened?"
    "I'll call you in a little bit and update you. I'm just getting ready to leave The Cave parking lot. We'll meet tomorrow morning and go over everything with Mary.” Grace eyed Mary, and Mary whispered a thank you, then bowed her head.
    "What do you mean tomorrow morning?” Felix was annoyed.
    "I mean this will have to wait until morning. We're fine and I'll call you back. We can start to write up the report after we interview Mary tomorrow."
    "Fine. You're right. It's late and you're tired. I'll see you in the morning. You sure you're okay?"
    Grace smiled. “Yes, Felix, thanks."
    Grace hung up the phone, then leaned her head back against the headrest. Am I really fine? Is Mary hiding information?
    She looked at Mary. “Tell me more about tonight. I need to tell my commander this wasn't a waste of time. This is a police investigation, Mary..."
    "There are ... people ... who pay for certain unobtainable things,” Mary finally said.
    "Beyond that, Grace ... sex slaves."
    "Are you kidding me? Celina was kidnapped and sold to someone as a sex slave?” Nausea set in and bile attempted to make its way to her mouth. She covered her mouth with her hand, closed her eyes a moment and tried to compose herself.
    This was awful, heart wrenching, and a despicable crime.
    "It's something the Master came up with. From what I was told, it's something new. The word is that someone contacted the Master and he chose Celina. He probably figured she wouldn't be missed since she had only gone to the club twice. She was ... lured ... by him."
    "The same guy who cornered me?"
    "Yes, Grace. Now let's call it a night."
    "There's nothing more you can tell me? This is what you found out?"
    It was obvious to Grace that Mary was finished talking. If she pushed, Mary might close up entirely and refuse to help.
    "What about the clothes?” Grace asked.
    "Keep them, you never know when they might come in handy,” Mary teased and the small smile on her lips disappeared just as quickly as it had appeared.
    They exited the car, both silent. Grace felt the beginning of a migraine.
    Grace thanked her and Mary promised she would call tomorrow. Grace figured Mary needed some space. Obviously, the news upset her. After all, Celina was Mary's friend, but Grace didn't want to give the other woman space. She wanted answers and she wanted to go back to the club, drag the so-called Master out by his neck and hand him over to the cops. But what real evidence did they have?
    She hoped by the following morning, Mary would explain more.
    "I'll stop by tomorrow and we'll talk some more. You know Mathews and Johnson are going to want to talk to you, don't you?"
    "I know that, Grace. Just don't let them come here. I'll

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