Good Intentions

Good Intentions by Elliott Kay

Book: Good Intentions by Elliott Kay Read Free Book Online
Authors: Elliott Kay
Tags: Romance, Fantasy
the hood of her car, with Alex holding one of her legs in the air as he took her from behind. She moaned in appreciation. She might decide she could go out and find someone better after she’s had a good… …holy shit, why am I thinking like this? * School was easier than work had been the day before. That was a bit of a surprise, given that there were dramatically more young, attractive women on campus than there were in the office—perhaps not per capita, but certainly in raw numbers. There wasn’t the air of professional formality here, either, nor a business casual dress code. It was an overcast morning—Seattle often was by late September—but it was warm enough that there were still summer fashions to be seen and enjoyed. That said, Alex was at least capable of thinking about things other than what the women around him were wearing, how much fun it would be to crawl al over them and so forth. He was still getting stared at and unnecessarily bumped into. He got that even as he left his philosophy class, where two different girls just had to tel him that his dealing with the loudmouth had been really hot. From there he wandered over to the Student Center to kil the next hour between classes. Clearly, he was still catching many an eye, but now it was easier to get over. He had to chalk up his comfort and ease to the marathon of supernaturally powered sex he’d just enjoyed. Alex had lost track of al the orgasms Lorelei had given him last night and al the pleasure in between, let alone the pair of
    times she’d gotten him off this morning. It had done a lot to clear his head and relieve stress. Amid everything else in his mind was a profound feeling of gratitude for al that… …but also a sense of trepidation about where it was al going. “I know you had something to do with that,” he had said to Lorelei before he left. He was dressed, busy cleaning up from breakfast, and utterly mortified. “With what?” “My mother,” Alex frowned sourly. “Oh. Yes. Perhaps a little. Don’t you think she’s happy to look so good?” “That’s not—that’s not the point! I asked you not to do anything to her! And why would you mess with me like that?” Lorelei’s mouth spread into a slow smirk, and she said, “You didn’t want me to harm her, or you. I have done neither.” Alex’s jaw clenched. He didn’t want to be mad at her. Didn’t want to have a hostile relationship. But this… “Alex,” Lorelei ventured, “I have not harmed your mother in any way, nor done anything to her to which she would strongly object. You wanted her to ignore my presence. In arranging this, she does fall somewhat under the sway of my powers, and that has some…side effects. But as I have said, she is unharmed. “She is fitter now. More confident. And yes, as you noticed, sexier. She seems quite happy.” Fuming a bit, Alex pressed, “She wouldn’t object strongly?” Lorelei tilted her head thoughtful y. “Like anyone, Michel e would doubtlessly not appreciate being deceived or manipulated, but…I believe that if our situation were brought out into the open for her, she would eventually come to terms. At worst, she might be a bit shocked or embarrassed at what has occurred, but she would adjust without
    trauma. I believe she would even be happy for you.” They looked at one another for a long, tense moment. He didn’t feel any more at ease. Lorelei’s confident demeanor faded a bit until she finally said in a soft, calm yet almost pleading voice, “I cannot lie to you, Alex. I cannot hurt you. I only meant for some harmless fun.” That cracked Alex’s anger. He sighed, trying to release the rest. “You keep calling me that, but I don’t really feel like I have a whole lot of control here.” Her sly, seemingly affectionate smile returned, and she reached out to caress his cheek. “You offered trust and al owed me to keep some secrets. You had to know I’d be at least a little naughty.” Before he could open

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