Good Girl Gone Plaid

Good Girl Gone Plaid by Shelli Stevens

Book: Good Girl Gone Plaid by Shelli Stevens Read Free Book Online
Authors: Shelli Stevens
Tags: Fiction, Romance, Contemporary
there’s not a chance for reconciliation there.” Kenzie gave a chagrined shrug. “I’m afraid I’ve always been reluctant to let go of the idea of you as a sister-in-law.”
    Yes. It had been the topic at so many slumber parties, or during coffee runs made before first period. Kenzie had always been thrilled with Sarah and Ian dating.
    “So tell me about Neil. I didn’t even know you’d gotten married until you emailed me months later.”
    “Sorry, yeah. It was all very low key.” The food she was eating began to taste like sawdust as thoughts of her ex-husband filtered into her mind. “We met when I was almost twenty. He was just a few years older than me. A sailor my dad worked with and introduced me to.”
    “Right, I remember you said he was in the navy. Well you certainly bounced back from Ian well enough.”
    Ouch. Ouch a hundred times over. Though she knew Kenzie hadn’t meant to be accusing or anything, just conversational.
    “But it didn’t work out between you guys, huh? I’m sorry.”
    I’m not . “Sometimes you’re better off alone.”
    “Oh, trust me. I understand.” Kenzie’s forehead furrowed as she continued to eat. “I think I’ve resigned myself to being single, but I’ll be all right.”
    “I don’t know how you’re single.” Sarah shook her head, truly confused. “You’ve always had guys trailing you around like lovesick puppies. Men love you.”
    Something like pain flashed in Kenzie’s eyes—and maybe something darker. Fear? Before she shrugged. “They love the idea of me. Or just my body.”
    She wanted to ask her friend to elaborate, but then Kenzie laughed and her expression turned light once more.
    “We sure know how to turn the topic to the heavy stuff, aye?”
    “Aye.” Sarah couldn’t help but grin and mimic Kenzie good-naturedly.
    “You said something about movies? Am I going to have to turn on Lifetime? Or do you have something good floating around.”
    “Pretty sure Gran has some classics.”
    “ Singing In the Rain ? We watched it with her once when we came over for pizza, I remember. I’d totally watch that again.”
    Sarah remembered that day too. Her lips curled fondly. Gran had been awesome to come hang out with. She’d even brought Ian over on several occasions for dinner.
    Standing from the table, she murmured, “Well, I’m sure we can find it around here somewhere. Let’s watch it again.”
    Ian lay in bed, staring at the slow-moving ceiling fan since sleep was evading him.
    His thoughts wouldn’t stop going a mile a minute. And every last one of them had to deal with Sarah.
    Just thinking about what had happened in his office had his dick stirring once more. He’d struggled to not walk around with a hard-on the rest of the day.
    And tonight, it still lingered. He knew before he fell asleep, he’d likely take matters into his own hands. Literally.
    Though his arousal had tapered somewhat after the sour conversation with Gina. She’d not been happy in the slightest to learn he was moving on.
    But it wasn’t fair to her. Not that she’d wanted serious, but now he couldn’t even give her casual. Not with Sarah on the island.
    Gina hadn’t taken the phone call well, though. And had cursed him to hell and back, vowing to head out to another bar in town and take home the first biker she could find. If she’d been hoping to make him jealous, she’d failed.
    If anything, he hoped she would do exactly that. Perhaps it would help her move on quicker. He worried that she might’ve gotten a bit attached, despite protests otherwise.
    His thoughts returned to Sarah. Again. He remembered the feel of her lips beneath his, and he made a murmur low in throat.
    Bollicks . What was wrong with him?
    He wasn’t seriously entertaining the idea of trying to rekindle something with her again, was he?
    No. Perhaps he could seduce her into some short-term island fun, where no emotions beyond lust were involved. But anything serious was out of the

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