Going Under

Going Under by Lauren Dane

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Authors: Lauren Dane
threat? Uglier than losing my job because my clients, who I thought
     were friends, turned on me?” She hadn’t meant for that to come out, but it did and
     he took it in, emotion flooding his features for a brief moment until he hardened
    That’s when the tussle happened.
    A wall of protesters surged forward and Molly nearly lost her balance. She stumbled
     back into Faine, who shored her up, allowing her to keep her feet. Gage snarled something,
     shoving forward. The magick flowed from him, surrounding her, bringing the hair on
     her arms to stand.
    The crowd was screaming stuff. She didn’t register most of it, but the tone was enough
     to convey their hate and fear. Molly dimly registered that things were being thrown,
     but not what. She kept her head down.
    They held signs with crude and hateful words. Some used the signs to batter the group
     as they tried to make their way through. She should have gone out the back door like
     they suggested.
    The sidewalk was full. People spilled out into the street. Cars screeched to a halt
     to keep from hitting people. Horns sounded.
    Chaos ruled, and for what?
    Molly’s brain shut down everything but essential functions like keeping her feet and
     letting Faine and Gage get her through the crowd and to the car.
    Faine shoved her in and followed, shielding her with his body. Gage scooted across
     the front to the driver’s side, cursing as he jammed the key into the ignition and
     started the car. They were surrounded by protesters banging on the hood and windows
     until Gage did some sort of magick stuff and they parted enough for them to get free.
    They drove away quickly, Faine on his phone with the woman who owned the restaurant
     telling her they were sending some people over to guard the front entrance.
    Molly stared out the window and barricaded the walls around her emotions. They trembled
     and she whispered in her head to hold it together until she got back to her hotel
    The rage radiated from Gage as he drove. Faine made calls and gave orders, punctuated
     by short directives from Gage as he went. Neither of them said anything to her, which
     was good because she was beyond speaking anyway.
    Back at the hotel Faine turned to her. “Hold on, I’m coming around to get your door.”
    She nodded, numb, her hands loose in her lap.
    Gage turned in the driver’s seat to look at her. “Are you all right?”
    If she spoke she might laugh. Or worse, cry. So she nodded again.
    “Did you get hit with anything? Harmed in any way?”
    In any way? A laugh bubbled up. One of those not-quite-sane laughs and she choked
     it back, shaking her head and scrambling out when Faine opened her door.
    One foot in front of the other and she got to the elevator and then down the hall.
     She managed to blurt a thank you to Faine on his way out of her room to be sure everything
     was fine.
    He paused, clearly about to speak, but must have seen the panic in her eyes and touched
     her shoulder instead, before leaving.
    She locked up and methodically took her hair down, throwing the pins across the room
     so hard they pinged off various surfaces. Her watch followed, whether it broke or
     not when she threw it she didn’t know. Or care.
    One shoe knocked over a lamp, then the other better aimed at the closed bathroom door.
    Gage knocked on the door. “Are you all right, Molly?”
    Fuck no. She wasn’t all right.
    “Fine,” she nearly snarled as she headed toward her bathroom, pulling her clothes
     off as she went.
    The nearly scalding water filled the room with steam. Enough that she didn’t have
     to look at herself when she got into the shower. Enough that she wasn’t sure where
     the tears began and the water ended.
    She didn’t get death threats! She didn’t have people screaming that she was a demon
     from hell. Didn’t get things thrown at her. Even when she’d dealt with the worst kinds
     of scandals she hadn’t seen this sort of violence aimed at her.

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