Goddess With a Blade

Goddess With a Blade by Lauren Dane

Book: Goddess With a Blade by Lauren Dane Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lauren Dane
can any man not want his cock in that mouth? And two, with your mouth filled with cock, you can’t carp, complain or agitate me.”
    “You’re pretty bossy for a man who wants to put his johnson near my teeth.”
    “I have a feeling it may be worth my while.”
    “Come on then. I’m not going to get to my knees on this tile, it hurts.”
    She got out and tossed him a towel. It was then he noticed the scars on her lower back.
    She turned and caught him staring at them. “Don’t.”
    He shook his head, wanting to say more but letting it go. He’d have had scars too if Vampires scarred in all but the direst of injuries. Growing up at the knee of The First would not have been easy.
    Instead of speaking, he followed her into a bedroom adjoining the bath. She jerked her head at him, indicating he should climb to the bed and he did.
    He most definitely liked the view as she scrambled on after him and got to all fours over him.

    Rowan knew she taunted danger. Her own people would have a conniption if they had any idea and his people would be equally upset. Perhaps that’s what fired her blood at the sight of him there, spread out below her.
    Her fingertips followed the curve of his pectoral muscles, down the center of his chest, flirting with the sensitive skin of his belly just below his navel. The warmth of him rose against her body like seductive smoke. Vampires weren’t cold unless they hadn’t fed but this one had and the shower had warmed him too.
    He was beautiful there below her. Eyes devouring her every move. Clive Stewart was confident, arrogant and cock-sure. Goddess help her, it was irresistible. So many men were cowed by her or afraid to fully own their own allure. This man did not have that trouble at all.
    Dipping her head, her lips skated over his chest and headed south, scooting her body down as she kissed her way downward.
    She meant to tease him, to make him beg but suddenly need rode her hard and she showed him it was very possible for her to carp at him and get the job done too. She was a multitasker.
    She continued to move with him in her mouth until she was moved off him and found herself on her back.
    A lock of his hair, usually so perfect, had fallen over his forehead, a gleam of feral intensity shone in his eyes as he loomed above her. Why it pleased her so much to muss him up, she didn’t know.
    He delivered tiny, sharp bites to her breasts and nipples. Not to feed, just for the sensation. His hands roamed over her bare skin, fingertips played over the Hunter’s mark on her hip.
    She writhed, helpless to do anything else as his mouth skated over her flesh. He knelt between her thighs, keeping her from squeezing her legs together to gain some measure of relief against the throbbing need.
    And then he moved to make everything better.

    The buzzing of the intercom from David roused her sometime later. She leaned over and watched as Clive padded into the room, dressed and all cleaned up. Stifling her annoyance that she didn’t get a chance to work on that neck tic thing anymore, she reached out to hit the call button.
    “ Déesse, it’s the policeman. He’s here and he wants to see you. Are you indisposed?”
    He must have seen Clive enter. All she could do was hope he just meant cleaning up a dead Vampire or still arguing with him.
    “Give me five minutes and I’ll let him in myself.” Rowan got up and jogged into the closet, pulled on some clothes and brushed her hair into a ponytail.
    “Yes and he’s not one to be underestimated, Clive. He’s very sharp and he’s the lead on the case.”
    “Does he know about us?” Clive leaned in the doorway, watching her.
    “I told you, I don’t violate the treaty. I’ve done my best to direct him with the first victim but I’d never do anything to make him believe it was Vampires.”
    He chuckled and caught her arm as she passed. “No, I mean does he know we’re…that we’ve…? Why is he going to think the

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