Girl's by Darla Phelps

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Authors: Darla Phelps
to find out."
    He took her arm and marched her out of the kitchen and down the hall to the bathroom.
    Thinking he was intent upon retrieving the hairbrush, Meg locked her knees and grabbed hold of the doorjamb before he could pull her inside. "No-o-oo!"
    "All right, look!" He picked her up by the waist and pulled her into the bathroom. Setting her bottom-down on the counter by the sink, he braced his hands to either side of her hips and glared at her. "What's going on here, Meg?"
    Pouting, she looked at her hands and fidgeted with her fingers.
    "Look at me," he said sternly. When she refused, he cupped her chin in his palm and forced her to meet his eyes. "Why are you behaving so badly? Because I'll tell you right here and now, anytime that I have to bare your bottom twice in one hour, you won't sit down comfortably for the rest of the day. Do you really want another spanking?"
    Meg shook her head.
    "Then what?"
    She stared at her hands, wishing she knew what to say. She felt...mad almost, though she couldn't say why exactly. Even knowing she was courting disaster, petulantly, she said the first thing that came to mind. "I want pancakes."
    He frowned. "We had pancakes yesterday. Today's breakfast is oatmeal."
    "Then I'm not hungry." She folded her arms across her chest and glared. She knew he was getting cross with her, but she couldn't seem to help herself. Unable to bear looking at him, knowing she was being troublesome and that he must find her behavior disappointing, she pulled her chin from his hand and glared at the floor again. She was being everything but his special little girl right now. He probably wanted to grab her things together, throw them and her both in her car and send her home a few days early. She blinked back her tears, wishing she could just cover her head with her arms and cry.
    Sighing, Daddy reached past her and opened the medicine cabinet. He removed the thermometer from its plastic case and the lid from the Vaseline jar. Sticking the thermometer into the gooey gel, he took her by the arm. He said, "Hop down."
    She did, but immediately put her hands behind her, very reluctantly allowing herself to be dragged to the toilet. "I don't want that in my bottom."
    "And I don't want to spend all day fighting with you over every little thing. So, since you won't tell me what's wrong, we're going to do this by process of elimination." He lowered the lid and sat down, setting the jar of Vaseline on the floor by his foot. "I sincerely hope, for your sake, you're running a fever."
    She stiff-leggedly leaned away from him when he tried to put her face-down across his lap. But Daddy was very experienced with naughty girls and, despite all her kicking and protesting, he quickly wrangled her over his strong thighs. She immediately tried to roll off, but her heel hit the wall and then his pinning arm was around her waist and there was no escaping that hold. His broad hand came crashing down on the backs of her thighs, spanking each one just below the diaper several times. "That's enough of that, my girl! You settle down right now or I'm going to make today your very first Punishment Day!"
    She instantly stopped kicking, but clapped both hands back over her bottom when he pulled her diaper down her legs. He captured her wrists and pinned them to the small of her back with one of his strong and very capable hands.
    "No, no, no! Don't want it!"
    "What you want and what you need are obviously two very different things right now." He bent to retrieve the thermometer, scraping a little of the excess Vaseline off on the mouth of the jar. As he placed the tip against her little bottom hole, he saw her entire body stiffen as she clenched down to keep it out. The effort was exceedingly ineffective. Small and narrow, he simply slid it past the puckered rim and buried it to the hilt inside her. Pressing with the tip of his finger, he kept it well seated within her despite her instantly wailed objections.
    "Take it out!"

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