Gina's Education
allow her to crawl out. Gina looked up at her with murder in her eyes, startling Rose. She would have been so thankful to be let out; she was taken aback by the intensity of the girl’s reaction. Gina pulled herself up to her full height and spat at Rose.
    Without a moment’s hesitation, Rose turned the girl around and shoved her back down to her knees and ordered, “Get back in the cage, you ungrateful thing!” She felt anger rising in her, and knew she needed time to re-compose.
    Gina suddenly wished she had been smarter than to indulge in revenge. She would have a good long time to reconsider her approach to the woman who now held HER future, and for the first time she cried real tears about her fate. The pain of the wire cage digging into her flesh served as a reminder that she needed to evaluate this situation – fast.
    “I’m sorry!” she yelled up the stairs. Rose left without another word. “I’m sorry! I promise to be good! Please, let me out,” she wailed as the door slammed shut.
    Robert was surprised to see Rose quietly sipping her coffee on the terrace when he came down for breakfast. He knew her well enough to see the turmoil under the surface.
    “I don’t see your property, my dear. What did you decided to do with it?”
    Rose winced at the reference to the girl as ‘it,’ but she wasn’t inclined to champion her. “I’m afraid I put her back in the cage,” she said softly.
    “Oh? Why is that?”
    “It seems I was too quick in letting her out,” she answered, looking miserable. “I can’t for the life of me understand why she is so awful!” she finally blurted out.
    Robert chuckled quietly and said, “My dear lady, you are of a gentle nature. You see the best in people and you will often be disappointed, but I wouldn’t change a thing about you! You just stay true to yourself, and maybe that nasty little thing downstairs will someday be won over.”
    Robert poured himself a cup of coffee and continued, “Either way, though, I’ll be putting her in the line-up for appointments in a day or two. You do what you can with her – and don’t spare the rod. This is one you will have to break, I’m afraid. You will have to reduce her to nothing and then train her the way you want her.”
    Rose lowered her cup and said incredulously, “You sound like you are talking about an animal – like a bucking bronco!”
    He smiled at her and said quietly, “I am, my dear. That’s exactly what I am talking about.” Even as he said the words, she began to understand.
    Rose took her time at her morning routine and it was another hour after breakfast before she went down the stairs again. As she reached the cage she could hear the girl still whimpering.
    “Are you ready to behave?”
    “Yes,” she answered softly. “I’ll be good.” Rose turned and headed for the stairs again, and the girl screamed in panic. “Please! I promise to be good!”
    Rose stood for a moment and waited without speaking, then started again toward the stairs. It finally dawned on her just as Rose stepped on the bottom step and she almost shrieked, “Mistress Rose! Please don’t leave me here!”
    Rose hesitated for a moment before she opened the cage. “You may crawl to the bathroom at the top of the stairs.”
    The girl looked horrified, but realized she had better take whatever freedom she could get. She was exhausted, and if she didn’t get to the bathroom soon she would be in a bigger mess, so she crawled up the stairs and found the bathroom. To her further horror, Rose entered the bathroom and waited for her to pee.
    When she finished in the bathroom, Rose directed her to a corner of the kitchen where a small bowl of water had been placed. The girl looked around the kitchen and realized the whole household staff was having a coffee break and she was still naked. She cried quietly and crawled to the bowl. Rose allowed her to drink from the bowl and handed her a corn muffin. When

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