Ghost Girl in Shadow Bay: A Young Adult Haunted House Mystery
day...the tragedy suffered by my dear friend, are
just still too strong."
    Peyton could relate to that. She could only
imagine how freaked she would be if Erica was a victim of foul
play, especially if she was killed by her own father.
    Frances took off her glasses. "My advice to
you, Peyton, is not to shut Caitlyn out if she appears to you
again. Could be the warmth you resonate is just what she needs to
let go of whatever it is that's keeping her there."
    "And the dreams about the shootings?" Peyton
asked tensely. "How can I get them to stop without losing my grip
on reality or staying awake 24/7?"
    "I think the dreams are a manifestation of
the darkness that's hung over that house for so long," Frances
said. "For some reason, you've been able to tap in more deeply than
others. My guess is that once Caitlyn's at peace, these dreams will
cease. When that will happen, I can't say. But I will pray for you,
Peyton, as I have for Caitlyn's soul all these years."
    "Thank you."
    Peyton was glad that at least someone in
Shadow Bay understood what she was going through. I'm not really
alone in this bizarre situation anymore.
    Frances smiled. "Thank you for sharing this
with me, Peyton. I'm only sorry you're being put through something
you don't deserve."
    "I don't think Caitlyn deserved what
happened to her either," Peyton said, saddened by the violent way
her childhood had ended so abruptly.
    "No, she didn't," Frances agreed.
    They heard the front door open and slam
    "Where are you, Nana?" Lily bellowed.
    "We're in here," her grandmother said,
winking at Peyton.

    "Your grandmother's really cool," Peyton
told Lily as they sat on her bed.
    "Yeah, she is," Lily agreed, crossing her
legs. "She even lets me do my room--it used to be hers when she was
a girl--any way I want to while I'm here."
    Peyton glanced about the bedroom. She found
herself imagining Caitlyn being in there many years ago. Peyton was
still trying to come to grips with what Lily's grandmother had told
her. It seemed to fit right in with what was happening to her. Only
Peyton still hadn't figured out how to put a stop to it.
    Lily seemed to sense that she was
preoccupied. "So did you tell Nana about the girl ghost?"
    "Yeah, we talked about it, and more," Peyton
    Lily grinned. "See, I told you Nana could
relate to the spirit world in ways beyond most of us mere teenaged
    "She does understand a lot more than I
thought possible."
    "Like what?"
    Peyton revealed that her grandmother not
only believed ghosts exist, but that she knew this ghost personally. At least when Caitlyn was alive.
    Lily's eyes widened. "You're kidding--Nana
and your ghost girl were best friends?"
    "Yup, amazing as it sounds." Peyton showed
her the photo. "It's Caitlyn and your grandmother, when she was
    Lily studied it with fascination. "Wow.
Nana's so...young...and Caitlyn looks...well, so normal--"
    Peyton chuckled. "She was back then."
    "So what happened to her?"
    Peyton frowned. "According to your
grandmother, Caitlyn was murdered by her father." And I
witnessed it, sort of, in my dreams more than once.
    Lily sighed. "That is just too eerie."
    "Yeah, I know."
    "Does Nana think you need to have the house
exorcised or something to make the ghosts go away?"
    "Not quite. She thinks Caitlyn just wants a
friend...and I happened to come along. Your grandmother believes
that once she has her fill of me, Caitlyn will drift off into the
sunset. But I'm not so sure."
    Lily wrinkled her nose. "Me neither. Why
would ghosts need friends? I mean, it's not like they should be
lonely with millions of other dead people turned into spirits to
hang with."
    "True," Peyton agreed.
    Maybe it was different for people who
died under circumstances that didn't allow them the chance to
easily move to the other side . Like being murdered.
    They went outside and stood under a tall,
thick tree that was blocking the sun.
    "Bry's friend, Kirk, wants to meet you,"
Peyton told

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