Gate Wide Open

Gate Wide Open by M. T. Pope

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Authors: M. T. Pope
masculine Adonis that sat across from me, and my dick instantly swelled in throbbing pleasure. We immediately started kissing, letting our tongues do the talking for us.
    After about ten minutes of kissing, we both made our way down to each other’s manhood and devoured it whole. The sound of slurping and moaning was now in rhythmic competition with the music in the background.
    He then laid me on my back and made his way down to my puckering asshole that awaited his attention. He dove in like he was eating watermelon at a summer family feast. He was licking the crack of my ass from my back all the way to the tip of my dick.
    I lifted my ass off the floor and thrust it toward him. “Oh, yeah!” I moaned. “That’s the spot right thereeeeeee.”
    I needed my ass pounded like never before. “Fuck me now!” I commanded. I watched as he placed a Magnum XL condom on his pulsating muscle. I turned over, because doggy-style would let me get every inch of his dick in me.
    He slowly pushed himself in me. But taking one’s time wasn’t my method, so I forcefully pushed back, letting his dick fill me up. He immediately got the hint and took over, pounding my ass like a jackhammer hitting concrete.
    I was loving every minute, whimpering and moaning, “Ahh! Yeah, daddy! Take this ass. It’s all yours.”
    He pulled up and placed me against the wall, placing my arms and legs over his shoulders, pressing me against the wall hard. It was a painful position, but it was soon replaced with pleasure.
    He fucked me like he was trying to go through the wall. With every pump, I yelped in pleasure. This too was going down in the record books as one of my best sexual positions.
    He punished me for another good ten minutes before he erupted, and we collapsed on his floor, panting for air. I didn’t even realize I nutted on myself, because he was fucking me so hard.
    He nibbled on my ear as he whispered other ways and places he wanted to fuck me. Then he scooped me up and carried me to the shower. Mind you, he was the same size I was.
    It was still unbelievable how tender he was. I’d learned that men on the down low are some of the most giving people you could ever meet. Yet, on any given day, you probably would see a dude like him beating a crackhead down for shorting him or trying to con him. It was like dealing with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
    We both washed up, and afterward, he showed me to his master suite.
    Once again, I was shocked at how his taste was exquisitely on point. Everything in his apartment was earth-toned with combinations of brown, cream, tan, and black. I was truly fascinated by his sense of style, and sexual prowess as a thug lover.
    He’d told me to make myself comfortable. He just didn’t know how much so. I was going to milk him dry.
    I walked around his large sleeping chamber, taking in all of the beautiful art work strategically mounted along his walls. He had naked men entangled in all types of positions. Some just nude, others racy. He even had a wide selection of gay porn. I knew his boys didn’t know he had a side like this to him. Then again, who knows how many of his boys probably participated in this lifestyle?
    He was still naked when he came back in the room with wine flutes and fruit on a platter, his dick swinging from side to side like an elephant’s trunk. I was again aroused just by the sight, as I lay spread out in his king-size bed on the softest sheets I had ever laid on.
    He eased his way on to the bed, smiling from ear to ear. He picked up his remote control from the nightstand beside the bed and chimed on his wall-mounted digital music player, which was next to his plasma television.
    Aaliyah’s “One in a Million” serenaded us as he slowly fed me. The song was one of my favorites, and I truly knew I was one in a million. Nobody could tell me different.
    After we finished off the fruit tray, our refreshed bodies once

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