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Authors: A.J. Carella
was no way they were equipped to go up against Sergei and his goons. They’d managed it once, but it would tempt fate far too much to try and do it again.
    Beyond that, did this girl even know who Tara was? She was a teenager now so they couldn’t just walk in and grab her, could they? So, reluctantly, they had agreed that for now they had no option but to let it go and to move on with their lives.
    At first , they’d been very careful, constantly feeling as if they were being watched. As time had gone on and nothing had happened, they had become more open and relaxed in their new life together, though the shadow of Tara’s pain was never far away.
    As soon as Tara had noticed him , she’d walked into his arms. “I missed you last night,” she murmured into his chest.
    “I missed you too. Everything ok here?” He felt her nod.
    “Shall I make you some breakfast?”
    He realised at the question that he was starving. “Yeah, that would be great. Let me just take a quick shower and freshen up first.” He felt grimy from all the less than savoury people he’d come into contact with during his shift.
    “Need any help with that?” she said coyly.
    The strength of his feelings towards her blew him away as did his body’s almost visceral reaction. Standing there, just holding her, he could feel himself stiffen at her words. Tara must have felt it too, as she pulled slightly away and looked up at him with a knowing smile on her face.
    The breath caught in his throat as, without taking her eyes from his, she reached down and placed her hand on his crotch, feeling the bulge that there was no disguising. Kyle tried to keep his breathing even as she undid his belt buckle and unzipped his fly, but it was impossible and his breathing grew heavy. Dropping to her knees, she slid his pants and shorts down to his knees, allowing his cock to spring free. She flicked her tongue against the tip, sending sharp darts of pleasure through his body. Burying his hands in her hair, he gently pulled her closer to him and, opening her mouth, she took his balls and started gently sucking.
    He felt his knees weaken and , with a groan, stepped back to support himself against the kitchen counter. Looking at her, he knew she was enjoying the effect she was having on him from the smile on her face and leaning forward she took his cock in her mouth. Gently at first, she slid her mouth up and down the length of it, cupping his balls in her hand as she did.
    “Stop ,” he said, gently pulling her away, wanting to enjoy it for longer than he would if she kept going. Bringing her to her feet, he slowly untied her robe and held it open, taking in her nakedness. Her nipples were already hard and just begging to be sucked.
    Slipping the robe off her shoulders , he dropped his mouth to her right breast, softly taking the nipple in his mouth and sucking. She gasped and threw back her head, pushing her breast further towards him. He left her breast then and slowly started to kiss her down her belly, gentle feathery kisses, until he reached her pussy. Turning her around, he leaned her against the counter and, taking her right leg, he placed it over his shoulder, opening her up to him.
    With both hands on her ass he pulled her to him as he buried his face between her legs, his tongue finding its way into her pussy and lapping at her. He felt her start to tremble and pulled his face away, making her cry out in frustration. He gently turned her around and she reached into the nearby drawer and handed him a condom.
    Sliding it on , he kept his cock in his hand and gently eased it into her. He could feel her wetness and the desire to fuck her hard was almost unbearable. But he made himself slide into her with gentle, teasing strokes, coming out of her almost completely every time. She was whimpering now and pushing her ass towards him, trying to remain impaled on his cock. Thrusting harder now, he felt her as she started to spasm and her pussy tightened around

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