Forever Yours
Forever Yours –Series
    By Deila Longford
    Part one

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    ~ Acknowledgements ~
    This book is dedicated to all of the fans and readers of my
first three books.
    Without you there would be no reason me to write.
    Also dedicated to my family.


    The rain pelts against the window of my beat up truck as I
stop firmly in front of my local Wal-Mart. The weather has been
terrible lately and I can’t believe my own stupidity for venturing
out into one of the worst storms that has ever hit Portland- Maine.
I glance out of the window and I see that everyone in the parking
lot is hiding in the shelter of their cars. I sigh heavily, as I
know that I have to get into that store, one way or another. I push
the hood of my oversized waterproof coat over my head, I tuck in my
frizzy brown hair and then I make a plea with god – please let me
    I gently open the door of my truck, but it blows away from me
as the wind catches it. I manage to scupper out of the truck and
somehow I manage to close the heavy door against the rage of the
blowing winds. With one chance and my heart racing, I dart towards
the entrance of the store. I run too fast and straight into a
massive puddle. I stop momentarily, as my tired converses begin to
leak water. I flap my hood back down over my head, as I make
another darting run towards the entrance. This time I trip and I
land on my face -in a deep puddle of water. My knees are stinging
and I am soaked to the core, I can feel the eyes of the other
customers burning through me and I flush hot with embarrassment. I
try to pick myself up off the ground, but as I attempt to pull my
jean soaked legs out of the puddle, I feel a hand on my back. I
don’t turn around; I am mortified that someone has witnessed my
clumsy moment.
    I feel the hand again, but this time I feel two of them and
this time they are lifting me off the ground. My face is on fire
and my embarrassment is building. I try to smooth myself out as I
turn around and look at my saviour. Holy crap is my first thought
when I lock my brown eyes on his.
    “That was quite a fall you had. Are you alright?” He says in a
deep American accent. I can’t tear my eyes away from him – he is
captivating in so many ways. He has light blonde hair and cool blue
eyes. He is huge standing at around 6’2” with massive biceps. He is
dressed casually in dark blue jeans and a black leather jacket. His
hair is wet and he is soaked to the core, but somehow he doesn’t
look cold. I push my hood down from my face, as I feel stupid
standing here looking at this stunning guy, with a huge parka hood
over my head. I shyly smile at him as I pick up the courage to
    “Thanks, I am fine.” He smiles at me and I can’t breathe at
the sight.
    “You’re welcome, what is your name?” He asks in a deep voice.
I clear my throat as I respond.
    “I’m Rose; it’s nice to meet you.” I say as I hold my hand out
to him. He smiles at me and then he places his hand into mine. I
shiver from his touch, as his hand is ice cold. I rudely pull back
as I can’t hold his hand for another second. He blankly stares at
me and then he introduces himself.
    “My name is Dalton and it’s a pleasure to meet you, Miss
Rose.” I smile up at the unbelievably gorgeous guy and for a
second, I lose myself in his stunning good looks. His eyes are a
deep shade of blue and his hair is golden blonde. He has a very
strong jaw line and his smile is breath-taking. The rain is
continuing to belt against us, as we stand frozen in the parking
lot of Wal-Mart. I close my eyes and then I remind myself that I
need to get into that store. I flash the guy another thankful smile
and then I excuse myself.
    “I really have to go, thanks for recusing me and it was nice
to meet you,

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