Fantasies Incorporated - The Taxi Ride

Fantasies Incorporated - The Taxi Ride by Bridy McAvoy

Book: Fantasies Incorporated - The Taxi Ride by Bridy McAvoy Read Free Book Online
Authors: Bridy McAvoy
Tags: Erótica, Fantasy, gun, couple, pretense, planned
The Taxi Ride
    As Jenny sipped at the last of the
magnificent Merlot that had accompanied the meal she watched
through lidded eyes as her fiancé savoured the warmth of the brandy
he had ordered. The meal had been fabulous and Colin had been on
top form, laughing and joking and chatting with her all through it.
She still found it difficult to realise that this Mr. Right had
wafted into her life fifteen months ago and she was now only a few
weeks shy of becoming his wife and spending the rest of her life
with him.
    Her eyes sparkled as she watched him; the
handsome man she fully intended to ravish once they got back to her
flat. It was a Friday and neither of them had to do anything in
particular for the whole weekend. She had plans for the whole
weekend though. Her throaty chuckle drew his attention.
    “What sweetheart?”
    “Nothing. I’ll tell you later.”
    Her voice sounded throatier than normal too
and she realised that the two bottles of wine and her own salacious
thoughts were providing him with several clues as to her plans. The
pale blush at this thought rose up her cheeks and the way his eyes
flared told her without words that he had read the signals very
clearly indeed . Christ, she thought how am I ever going
to keep my hands off him in the taxi?
    He signalled the waiter and settled the bill
using his gold company Amex. Following the successful conclusion to
the deal he had been working on for months his boss had told him to
take ‘the little lady’ out for a swanky meal and charge it. Colin
had done just that and Jenny had sucked in her cheeks when she saw
the prices on the menu. All in all the meal, including the drinks,
had come to over four hundred dollars.
    They waited in the vestibule to the hotel as
they gazed with disappointment at the spring downpour that had
started whilst they were finishing the meal. Neither of them had a
coat or an umbrella with them and she thought the rain would ruin
her hair if she walked out into it.
    The doorman came to their rescue as a parked
cab suddenly turned on its hire light and he flagged it down
vigorously before it could pull out. He held a huge umbrella over
them as they dashed into the back of the taxi and was rewarded with
a huge smile and a flash of thigh from Jenny together with the
equally welcome twenty note from Colin.
    “Where to mate?”
    The white driver looked around at the
giggling couple.
    “Seventh and Park please.”
    “Ok. Filthy night isn’t it?”
    As he pulled off he got no answer from the
two in the back, they were kissing each other and he smiled and
pulled up the screen. No conversation on this trip obviously.
    Jenny was on her way to heaven. Her forty
dollar hairdo hadn’t been ruined and her dress was still immaculate
and probably wouldn’t even need to go to the cleaners. She was a
thrifty lass but as Colin continued to nibble playfully at her lips
her mind was certainly heading in a completely different
    As Colin continued the teasing kiss, his hand
was brushing her knee. Then it was moving up her leg pushing the
relatively short, but not immodestly so, skirt hem with it.
Playfully she slapped his hand away; but took the sting out of her
action by wrapping her other arm around his neck and opening her
mouth to extend her tongue to lick at his lips. Instantly on cue
his lips parted and as their tongues fenced and the kiss deepened,
she no longer pretended to be cross with the way his hand was
roaming up her leg.
    Her leg was bared to the top of her thigh,
showing the dark band of the stocking top clearly to the driver if
he angled his mirror. She didn’t care, she was in the arms of the
man she loved, the man she intended to marry, and the man she
intended to make love to as soon as they got home.
    * * * *
    She wasn’t quite sure what alerted her to the
change in their circumstances. Maybe it was because the taxi was no
longer moving. Maybe it was the absence of light outside the taxi.
Maybe it was the fact the rain

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