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Authors: Maureen Smith
her youthful crush, to be the one with the magic touch….

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Taste of Romance is the story of a rising chef reconnecting with
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running away from the truth—or from real love the second time around….

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Wolf slid from the rumpled bed and crept soundlessly across the shadowy hotel
room to reach the chair over which he’d slung his clothes the night before.
Guided by the sliver of daylight that seeped through the heavy drapes, he began
getting dressed—a task made easier by the way he’d methodically layered
his clothing on the back of the chair. Boxers on top, followed by his
undershirt, socks, pants, broadcloth shirt.
    He always
waited until his lovers fell asleep before he got up, gathered his strewn
garments and arranged them on the chair so he could make a clean getaway in the
    As he
quietly shrugged into his Armani suit jacket and slipped on his shoes, a shadow
of cynicism curved his mouth. Just when had he become the proverbial love ’em
and leave ’em type? When had he become a shallow playboy who could bed a
different woman nearly every week without feeling more than a pang of guilt?
    Once upon
a time, he’d dreamed of having the kind of relationship that his parents had. A
deep, passionate, unshakable love that could weather any and every storm. He’d
expected—hoped—to find that same blissful perfection with the woman
of his dreams.
    A woman
who could complete his sentences, and could set him on fire with just one look.
    A woman
who rode his mind whenever they were apart.
    A woman
he loved unconditionally and couldn’t live without.
somewhere along the way he’d lost his sense of optimism. Lost his will to
believe or hope.
along the way he’d lost his soul.
he hadn’t found her .
    The One.
off the gloomy musings—which reeked of self pity—Manning stuffed
his silk tie into the pocket of his suit jacket and turned to regard the
shadowy outline of the woman lying beneath the white covers. She was sleeping
soundly with the sheets twisted around her nude body, exposing one shapely
thigh. Her tousled dark hair spilled over her face, concealing her features in
a way that seemed oddly symbolic given that Manning would probably forget what
she looked like by the end of the day.
at the thought, Manning crossed to the bathroom to splash cold water onto his
face and rinse his mouth with the hotel’s complimentary mouthwash.
    When he
emerged, he was relieved to see that his lover hadn’t stirred. He’d worn her
out last night, making her come so many times she’d been delirious by the time
they were done. So it’d probably be a few more hours before she woke up.
lingered for a moment, eyeing the cherry bedside table. Leaving his business
card would give her the impression that he wanted to see her again. Leaving
money—even for a cab—would make her feel like a cheap prostitute.
Neither was the message he wanted to send.
    So he
left the table empty and headed for the door, making a mental note to have his
secretary send flowers with a note from him thanking her for a good time.

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