Faith's Sheriff (Montgomery Family and Friends)
together like two snug pieces of a puzzle.  Her lips parted in an invitation that he couldn’t resist.  He lowered his head until their lips were barely touching and froze.
    Faith saw Cole’s face moving toward her and she closed her eyes and waited.  She felt his lips brush against hers with just the lightest touch.  She held her breath and pressed closer.  It still wasn’t enough.  She wrapped both arms around his neck to deepen the kiss.  He tasted like mint and his kiss reminded Faith of a warm lazy summer day spent under the sun. 
    Cole’s body reacted to the soft curves pressed against it and he could feel the growing bulge behind his zipper.  This was getting way out of hand.  He’d set out to comfort her not ravish her on the spot.  He ripped his mouth away from hers.  He had to get control before he totally lost it. 
    “I need to make sure you’re okay, Faith.”  He slowly and gently moved both hands up and down the entire length of her body.
    Faith was overcome with embarrassment.  She lightly slapped his arms away.  “I’m fine Cole, just a bump on the head from where it hit the steering wheel.”  Yes she’d been through a very traumatic experience, but that didn’t give her the right to throw herself at Cole.  What must he be thinking of her right now?
    Cole cupped her chin in one large strong hand and tenderly lifted her head until she had to look him in the eyes. “I’ve gotten good at reading you, Faith.  You have nothing to be ashamed of.  I want you just as much as you want me.  Believe me, Faith.   It’s taking every ounce of self-control I own right now to keep you out of my arms.” 
    A siren sounded in the distance.  “This is not the place or the time, but soon Faith, soon.”
    Faith gave him a shy smile.  “I was looking forward to our date.  I guess it’s off now.”
    “Nope, just postponed,” he promised.  “I radioed dispatch and had an ambulance sent out here for you.  I think I hear it now.  Let’s get you up to the road, so the paramedics can examine you.”
    “I’m okay really.  I just want to go back to….”  She sniffed.  “I don’t have anywhere to go,” she suddenly realized.  “Cole, I can’t go back to Caroline’s house.  That truck followed me out of our neighborhood and then deliberately ran me off the road.  There’s no way it was an accident or a random act of violence.”
    “No you can’t go back to the Wakefield’s house, but don’t worry.  I have the perfect safe house for you.”  He’d made up his mind about that and he would bulldoze over any of her objections if and when they came.  His main goal was to keep her safe and he was going to do it on his own terms.
    Cole put an arm under Faith’s knees and scooped her up into his arms. 
    Faith let out a surprised squeak of alarm.  “What are you doing,” she demanded.  She instinctively wrapped her arms around his neck and held on tight.
    Cole carefully picked his way up the embankment and to the side of the road.  “I’m taking you to meet the ambulance.”
    “Well that’s obvious, but I’m quite capable of walking by myself.”
    “Maybe, maybe not,” he shrugged.  “You took a pretty hard hit on the head and that bank is steep and slippery.  There is no need to take any chances.”  Not with anything as precious as you, he silently added.  He didn’t say it out loud, because that was a conversation that was going to have to wait.
    Faith didn’t get a chance to respond, because the ambulance and a deputy arrived at the scene and organized chaos broke out.  Suddenly she had two paramedics and a deputy demanding her attention.  Three people were shooting out questions faster than Faith could follow much less answer.  It was too much, and Faith buried her face into the smoothness of Cole’s dress shirt.   
    Cole moved around the three men and briskly walked to the ambulance.  He waited for one of the paramedics to open the door and

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