Fairy Prey

Fairy Prey by Anna Keraleigh

Book: Fairy Prey by Anna Keraleigh Read Free Book Online
Authors: Anna Keraleigh
and placed her arms on the side of the tub. She eased her legs open
and wiggled her ass against the button of the tub. How is it that despite how utterly
tired she was, her body still wanted action? Her mind was liquefying in her
skull, but her core creamed with each ripple in the water.
    Freaking hormones.
    Morrigan shifted her
neck from side to side, and when she took a deep breath, the warmth from the
tub mixed with the musky scent of man. Morrigan opened her eye just a slit and
smiled. Whisper was on the balcony. His black wings filling the doorframe, and
his head was lowered, fangs bared.
    “I like my mark on you.”
He tilted his head and licked his bottom lip.
    Morrigan rubbed the sore
spot on her breast. There were two small puncture wounds. “Me too.” Morrigan
sat up and let her hand drift lower to flick her nipple. It was hardening with
every second in Whisper’s proximity.
    “Stand up.” He stepped
into the room. Whisper removed his sword, two daggers, and his boots.
    Morrigan pinched her
nipple once more before using the edge of the tub to stand. Water cascaded down
her body to splash into the tub. She carefully stepped onto the wooden floor.
Morrigan kept her legs spread, teasing him as only a woman could. She bit her
bottom lip and rubbed the bite mark.
    Whisper pulled off his
chest armor.
    Damn, but he was fine.
He had lean muscle from years of fighting. The scars from those trolls were
faded but visible. His abs were tight and there was a line of blue hair that
disappeared into his trousers.
    Whisper crooked his
finger and beckoned her to come closer. “Take them off.”
    Morrigan ignored the
fact that she was obeying him. It was a mutual want, she told herself as she
walked toward him. There was a breeze from the open doors, cooling her warm
skin. She caught a glimpse of the moon and a few bright stars as she lowered to
her knees. Morrigan grabbed the rim and tugged. Everything came down and pooled
at his ankles. Her dark fairy had a cock to fall in love with. It was the
perfect length to fill her core with impressive girth. His penis was erect,
curving upward and bobbing slightly with each of his heavy breaths. She reached
out and coasted a single finger over his heavy balls.
    Whisper looked down at
her, caressing her cheek with his palm. “You handled yourself like a warrior
fairy today.”
    “I didn’t kill a single
    “You held them off. Your
protected the other fairies. Morrigan, you made me so proud.” He smiled. “All I
wanted to do was fly you away from the chaos, get you naked, and get inside
    She looked at the hard
penis and stuck her tongue out for a lick.
    Whisper grabbed his cock
and stroked it then placed the tip at her mouth. “Suck.”
    Morrigan was a bad girl.
Every order he gave made her want to disobey, but she really wanted to suck his
cock. She opted for plan C. Morrigan laved the tip of his penis with her
tongue, swiping back and forth. Then she pulled his erection into her mouth. He
tasted like fresh water and a hint of some sweet fruit.
    She lifted a brow but
got to her feet. Whisper leaned over and kissed the bite mark. He embraced her
close and hauled them off the ground. “Um...where you going?” They flew out the
door and over the balcony. “You do know we’re both naked right?”
    “I’m taking you home.”
    He flew them toward the
    “I thought you lived in
the palace.”
    Whisper grinned. “No one
has ever seen my real home.”
    She was honored.
Morrigan looked around as they flew directly to the waterfall. They hugged the
rocky wall and slipped behind lush flowing water into what looked like a small
dark hideaway. Whisper let her go. Morrigan reached out, and the water was warm
as it crashed onto her palm.
    “This way.”
    Where did he live, Neverland?
She followed him through the dark tunnel and past some vines that were shoved
to the side. The little carved out space behind the waterfall turned into a big

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