Extreme! by J A Mawter

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Authors: J A Mawter
    Mio gulped again and looked up, this time overcoming her Japanese conditioning and meeting the police officer’s gaze, searching for the right words. How could she defend herself without being disrespectful? Finally, it came. ‘A skate park isn’t about rules and regulations. It’s about young people trying to express themselves.’
    ‘Express themselves? No, it’s not. It’s about damage to public property and safety to skaters,’ said the police officer.
    Darcy took a step forward, his fists balling at his sides as he asked the officer, ‘Don’t you think you’re being a little extreme?’
    Dunk Dog stamped his foot. ‘How else are you guys going to get the message? BMXers are not welcome in this park.’
    ‘We have just as much right to be here as you,’ said Mio. ‘It’s prejudice. Our parents paid the taxes that built this park, too.’
    Dunk Dog looked at Mio and Tong, then scoffed. ‘Illegal aliens don’t pay taxes.’
    Tong pulled himself to his full height. Pain flickered in his eyes. He wanted to shout but knew that that would only make things worse. ‘I not illegal alien,’ he said. ‘This now my home. Government say…’
    ‘Leave it alone,’ said Mio pulling gently on Tong’s sleeve. ‘Now’s not the time for a lesson in politics.’
    A reluctant Tong whispered, ‘Okay,’ then shut up, his face twitching with anger.
    Dunk Dog turned to the police officer, saying, ‘You should arrest them. Creating a Public Nuisance. Trespass. Damaging Public Property.’
    ‘Don’t tell me how to do my job!’ snapped the police officer, snorting in disgust. ‘You’ve been watching too many police shows on TV.’ Then he turned to Mio and said, ‘I have to ask you and the other bike riders to leave this property. Go. Get lost.’
    ‘We have a civil right to enjoy this park as much as anybody,’ began Mio, aware that a good Japanese girl should not question a person in authority. Bryce made a signal telling Mio to be quiet, but she ignored it. ‘As a BMX rider and a conscientious citizen it is my right to enjoy the same rights and privileges as the skateboarders,’ she went on.
    The police officer waved his megaphone around. ‘When you came in here and broke the law, you gave up those rights.’
    A loud cheer went up from the skateboarders.
    ‘In fact, for refusing to follow orders and leave this property we’re going to confiscate this bike,right now.’ The police officer signalled and another officer claimed Mio’s bike and wheeled it towards the gate and the waiting police cars.
    ‘No!’ cried Mio. ‘You can’t take my bike.’ But they could and she knew it. She watched as her beloved bike disappeared into the boot of a police car.
    ‘You and your parents can pick it up from the station,’ said the police officer.
    Her parents? Mio knew not to say another word.
    The rest of the Freewheelers grabbed their bikes and shuffled towards the exit.
    ‘Come back and we’ll confiscate the lot of them,’ called the officer.
    Another cheer came from the skateboarders and then a chant started up, ‘BMXers out. BMXers out.’ Some skateboarders started to do tricks.
    Close to the entry gate Mio stopped. She turned to the crowd and stared them down. Darcy, Clem, Bryce and Tong joined her. The chant got louder and louder till the syllables blended together to form one word: ZOUT!
    The police officers stood to one side, watching the proceedings but doing nothing to stop them. The workman went from officer to officer, thanking them and shaking hands.
    When Dunk Dog realised that the Freewheelers had halted at the gate he jumped on his board andcoasted to a stop in front of Mio. He stood, one foot resting on the board, his hand raised in triumph.
    Mio saw the officer lock the boot of his car and swing into the driver’s seat. She felt as though they had taken away part of her. It was too much. All those other things that had gone wrong and now this. She thought of her

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