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parted and her eyebrow arched, she finished, “Anyway, with the three of us doing blood exchanges we are all now connected to one another. I can hear you if you call to me and vice versa.”
    Lucian couldn’t focus on anything other than how the sleeveless, black, lace blouse Serina wore accentuated her breasts. With each breath she took he watched, mesmerized by the rise and fall of her creamy flesh. Oh, what his tongue could do for her if strategically placed on or around her nipples.
    “Remember, m’lord, I can read your mind.”
    A coy smile swept across his face . Nabbed ! “You’re not the only one, Serina, albeit it’s different for me. Raven and I and our cousin, André have always had a special way to communicate with one another. Ever since we were children we’ve been able to read one another’s thoughts. André’s mum was our mum’s twin. Runs in the family I guess.” Lucian took her hand in his and stroked her fingers.
    “Lucian, see if you can read my mind right now.”
    Her voice was a siren’s sonnet that settled right in his groin, but then, wasn’t that the whole point of the seductress?
    Serina stifled a grin as he strained not to blink. “Don’t look at me as if you’re going to burn a hole through me, just try to feel with your mind and heart at the same time.” She scooted closer and began a slow lazy stretch of her arms over her head, with every intention of nudging her endowment forward. An invitation she hoped he’d accept.
    He blurted, “Your desire shall be your death if you don’t kiss me soon.” Lucian puckered up and leaned into the lady. His advances were halted when Serina placed a firm hand to his chest..
    “Not so fast, sir.” She winked.
    “All right, my desire shall be my death if I do not feel the promise of dreams your lips offer.” Lucian returned the wink. With one swift move, he grasped her arms, pulled her across his lap, and turned her on her back.
    The mischievous twinkle in her eye defined who she was: swift, cunning, sexy, loyal, and spirited beyond the norm. She was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen and to have her in his arms was far more than he deserved. Lucian tucked one arm behind her back to cradle her head, while his other hand held her chin.
    “Can you read my mind now?” he asked. Serina began to lift her head to kiss him when he stopped her in her tracks. He grinned. “Not so fast, m’lady.” He dipped his head to greet her, his mouth finding solace on hers. He pulled away licking his lips. “God, woman, you’re so sweet, I feel as if I may lose myself in you, and I’ve only just kissed you. Is this part of your magic?”
    “Lucian if I held that force, I’d have men knocking down my door all the time, yet you, sir—” She nodded towards the remains of her front door. “―seem to be the only man intent on doing just that!” Serina wrapped her arms around him. “Kiss me again?”
    “Where are my manners?” He moved a breath away from her. “You’ll never have to ask again.” He snuggled beside her, crossed one leg over her legs, propped himself up on an elbow and gazed into her eyes. He began fidgeting with the buttons on her shirt, loosening them one at a time, waiting in between each one to see if a protest of sorts came. When none came, he advanced higher to the next button. Lucian left the last few buttons closed, more for her modesty. He found no corset beneath the shirt and silently thanked the Gods. He’d seen the torturous devices hanging in the wash room and knew if he were to ever have to remove one, well, the woman would be years older by the time he figured its secrets out. He slid his fingers across her ribs and abdomen and beneath him she shivered and tiny goose bumps formed.
    “Chilly, my wild rose?” He blew a warm breath over her tummy.
    Her thought went to him. Quite the opposite, m’lord.
    “I got that, m’lady. Life is going to be interesting between us. I am most flattered and shall

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