Everything Kids' Astronomy Book

Everything Kids' Astronomy Book by Kathi Wagner

Book: Everything Kids' Astronomy Book by Kathi Wagner Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kathi Wagner
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    Cover illustrations by Dana Regan.
Interior illlustrations by Kurt Dolber.
Puzzles by Beth L. Blair.
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    To Marcia, who believes.

    Thanks to Mrs. Blomstedt for taking the time to share the skies,
and for quenching our endless thirst for knowledge.

    B last off to a new world with The Everything ® Kids’ Astronomy Book! Every chapter offers a new adventure with places never before touched by humans and others that have never been seen, yet they are all out there just waiting for you. Page by page you can discover what lies beyond the world you know so well, and maybe even who might be out there, if anyone. So grab a friend and prepare to launch your way to nearby planets or faraway galaxies.
    Will you choose to go where no one else dares to go, like the mysterious black holes and potential time warps? Or how about taking an eighty-year journey with a comet? Maybe you can solve all the unanswered questions of time and space and why light travels the way that it does. There are tons of activities to explore space and to see how it feels to float free of gravity. Your journey into space starts inside this book where you and your family and friends will find games and activities that will challenge your mind and your skills as astronomers and astronauts. Together you can cook up edible planets, create your own black holes, and possibly invent a new type of candy bar. Or maybe you will want to invent your own alien or become stars. Who knows, you may be the one to solve the mystery of dark matter or find where the universe starts or stops.
    In the pages of this book you will find information on how to build your own sky-watching kit and how to change your room into a small universe. You can also find out why people thought the sun circled the earth and how they discovered the truth. Each chapter is jam-packed with plenty of questions you can use to stump your friends while you explore the skies and rocket away to endless galaxies. For fun, you can experience the

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