Eternity and a Year

Eternity and a Year by Ranae Rose

Book: Eternity and a Year by Ranae Rose Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ranae Rose
Tags: paranormal vampire
allow room for arousal?
    “That’s what I’m thinking about, Carrie. That, and when we made love for the first time in a year on the third floor of this building, just a few nights ago.”
    Isadora shrieked angrily. “On your back!”
    “Carrie, you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”
    “I told you to lie down!” Isadora snapped.
    “Carrie, I—”
    Isadora struck Brendan hard across his jaw, silencing him and sending him sprawling on the floor. Carrie stared at him in horror from around Isadora’s legs. The full moonlight streamed through the doorway, causing his milky skin to glow slightly. Isadora bent over him, a mass of bare limbs, white curves and dark, swinging hair. Carrie choked on a large lump that had formed in her throat as she tried to call out.
    Brendan exploded in a surprising fury of calculated motion as Isadora loomed over him, knocking her away from his body and onto the floor.
    “Ugh!” Isadora cried as her back and head collided with the cement, her red eyes wide with surprise.
    Brendan flung himself over her face, pressing his chest against it, driving his knees into her jaw and curling his arms around her skull as if it were a strange, hairy football. “Now!” he shouted, but Sophia was already at his side, bent over the writhing, nude form of her prey.
    Something gleamed in the light, and a dull, sickening thump sounded, as of metal being driven deep into a body.
    Isadora flailed wildly as Sophia carved her flesh and bone with a steel blade, but Brendan held tightly to her head, blinding her and preventing her from rising. Sophia sawed quickly and with all the stoic efficiency of a butcher, carving a U-shaped line that cut through ribs and split the bottom curve of her victim’s heaving left breast. Brendan’s body hardly muffled the blood-curdling shriek that escaped Isadora as Sophia grasped the breast firmly and pulled, opening her chest cavity. After cutting away the vessels and cords that held it in place, she extracted the still heart. Sophia held it appraisingly against the moonlight while the breast that had covered it lolled grotesquely, its surprisingly dark nipple pointing accusingly sideways towards Carrie, who stared in sick horror.
    Sophia and Brendan were both knocked aside then, bowled over by the crazed Isadora as she rose. Carrie gaped, unable to look away from her. Isadora’s eyes had gone as wide as saucers, her entire body trembled and, while one of her breasts hung round and firm, the other sagged, cloven like a goat’s hoof and swinging like a door on a hinge, revealing her bloodless insides. She shrieked again, looked frantically around and finally darted out of the door, naked and still screaming. The silence left in the wake of her shrieks and footsteps was deafening.
    Neither of the remaining vampires made any move to follow their fleeing victim. Instead, Brendan rushed to Carrie’s side and removed her bonds, while Sophia remained utterly absorbed in the prize she had torn from her victim’s chest. The heart gleamed wetly, a dark purple in colour, and Carrie had to look away, fighting the urge to vomit.
    “Are you all right?” Brendan asked as he dragged the fabric strips from Carrie’s wrists and let them flutter to the floor. “Did she hurt you?”
    “Just bruises,” Carrie replied, her voice rasping slightly through her damaged throat. “Except for my wound. I think some of the stitches came out.”
    Brendan pressed her head against his shoulder and peered down at her back. “The bandage is bloody,” he said as he stroked her skin. “I’d remove it and take a look at the damage, but…”
    “Don’t worry about it,” Carrie insisted.
    “You’ll just have to go back to the hospital and have a doctor take a look,” Brendan said.
    “What? No!” Carrie protested. “I’m not going anywhere!” She flung her arms around Brendan’s neck, squeezed tightly and gasped as pain surged through her reopened wound.
    “Look at you,”

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