Eternal Flame (Eternal Flame #1)

Eternal Flame (Eternal Flame #1) by Sofia Giselle

Book: Eternal Flame (Eternal Flame #1) by Sofia Giselle Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sofia Giselle
serious I am.”
    “When the hell did that happen?”
    “It’s a long story too.”
    “So he came back?”
    “With much pressure from his family yes. It was crazy for a minute but-“
    “Crazy how?”
    “He’s been kinda weird and moody.”
    “Well, I hear he’s going through a lot.”
    “Yeah that’s what I got too. You hear what happened?”
    Joy paused. “No.”
    Kristen had a feeling Joy was lying but didn’t press her on it. She figured she could ask her about it later when they were alone.
    “So,” Joy excitedly began, “you’re at his house. How is it?”
    “Gorgeous. Ritzy. But classy.”
    “All alone with Roman Dean like you’ve been dreaming about for years. Are you going to fuck him?”
    “Joy!” Kristen screeched.
    “I know you want to.”
    “Trust me that is nowhere near on our radar. You’re worse than your mother.”
    “My mother didn’t raise me with-“
    “Morals, I know,” Kristen deadpanned, shaking her head. 
    “Look Damian is coming back to the car. We’re on our way back so I’ll see you at the house. I want all the details when I see you too girl. Are you guys going to be there on time?”
    “I’m assuming so yeah.”
    “Can’t wait! See you!”
    Kristen hung up the phone, feeling lonely. She couldn’t wait to see her best friend. She had so much to tell her. She definitely couldn’t wait to see what kind of trouble her adventurous friend had gotten herself into by trying to hook up with two brothers.
    Kristen looked up at the mirror above the keyboard and checked her hair, happy to see it was still flawless and in place in spite of the wind. She grabbed her purse from the couch and went back to the mirror. Taking her compact out, she reapplied her makeup and bright red lipstick. She also popped a mint in her mouth to ensure her breath stayed fresh. Placing her purse back in on the couch, she glanced over at the CD player on the wall unit and walked over to it, eager to peruse Roman’s music collection. There was a CD that said “Untitled” sitting on top of the player and she curiously picked it up and looked at it. Under the “Untitled” was the initial R. She wondered if it was something new of Roman’s.
    Pressing the open button on the player, Kristen took out the CD that was in it and replaced it with the “Untitled” one. She pushed play. A slow, seductive tempo filled the room. It was instrumental and it was beautiful. Kristen stood in front of the wall unit, listening to it with her eyes closed. The music filled her soul and caressed every orbit of her body. She found herself being swept away by the melody and began sexily swaying to the beat.
    “You like it?”
    Kristen almost jumped out of her skin. Got-damnit ! This dude needed to wear bells around his neck to warn people when he was coming.
    She turned around to see Roman standing directly behind her. “It’s pretty,” she breathlessly said embarrassed that he’d seen her gyrating. “Is it new?”
    He shook his head. “I started working on it about two years ago but I haven’t found the right words to finish it. I haven’t been writing anything really. I’ve had a block I can’t get rid of. It’s difficult. Especially for someone like me who’s used to writing all the time.”
    “Yeah that sucks. I hate that. What’s it about? The song?”
    He thought for a moment. “I don’t really know. When I started, I just had the bridge. That was about love. I can’t figure out what should come before or after that.”
    Kristen eagerly looked at him. “Can I hear it? With the lyrics?”
    He hesitated for a moment. “Sure.”
    He walked over to the keyboard and Kristen followed closely behind him. She stood to the side of him and was surprised when he placed her in front of him. Her eyes caught his in the mirror and her heart skipped several beats. She didn’t understand why he’d moved her in front of him but she liked it.
    Still standing behind her, Roman sat his glass on

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