Essentia by Ninana Howard

Book: Essentia by Ninana Howard Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ninana Howard
Tags: BluA
about that at the moment. Aiden is on his way over with some herbs from back home" I say to him. "Hopefully, he will have something to help her." I trail off and then say. "We need to get her into a clean gown. The night clothes she has on are soaked in sweat and blood". I will have to change the bedding as well.
        Enre looks down at her, wiping her face again, then without looking at me he says "Alright, but I will need your help to keep from hurting her."
        I nod at him and say "I will go get some clean cloths and some water to sponge her off with." I leave the room to get the washcloths and water and more bandages just in case. Once back in the room, I help hold her while Enre gently wipes her skin down with the washcloth. There is no way to remove the clothes she has on, not without hurting her anyways. So enre takes out his knife and cuts them away, just leaving her underclothes. Then he softly wipes the newly exposed skin down. After he has washed her up, we switch places so I can re-bind her wound. He is holding her so gently. Like she was a fragile, precious treasure. One day I hope to have someone like that. I think to myself. I unwrap the bindings on her wound and am shocked by what I see, "her- her wound, it's almost healed. How is that possible?" I say astonished at the speed that she is healing.
        "Maybe the medicine we gave her earlier has a different effect on people like her," Enre says, trying to stay calm. That could be the only explanation at this point in time.
        "Could be Brother." Was all I could say to him. This is highly abnormal. I have never seen anyone heal that quickly. At this rate, she will be completely healed in a day or two. I finish re-wrapping the fast healing wound, and we put a clean gown on her. It's a soft wintergreen color that suits her well. The one Enre held up to me earlier joking around.
        Once Enre gets her settled back in and places another cold cloth on her forehead. He says to me "Thank you, Brother, for helping me." I will always be here to help him. He is all I have left.
        "You are welcome brother. One thing though, I think it would embarrass her if she knew that both of us stripped her down, cleaned and changed her. So when she asks, don't say anything about me helping ok." Both of our faces are flushed. I do not want her to feel violated or anything of the sort.
        "I agree with you. I don't think she would take that too well" Enre says.
        Just then there is a knock at the door. Aiden must be here already. I go to answer the door. When I open it, Aiden stood there with a bag in his hand. Looking past him I see two of his guards both with their arms full of bags. I step aside and let them enter. The guards put the bags on the sofa in the living room and leave to stand watch outside. "You brought enough for an army Aiden" I smile at him.
        "With everything going on, I thought it wise to bring everything I had, you never know when we are going to need it, My Lord." Aiden states. Looking over at the couch full of bags.
        "Thank you, if you have some vaxen leaves I will go make a tea for our Terra. Her fever is really high, and when I get done, I will explain what happened alright." I say to him. He goes over to one of the bags and looking through it for the leaves. He pulls out a brown paper packet and hands it to me. "Thank you, no more formalities alright, you can call me Thegan," I say to him. His eyebrows shot up, but he doesn't say anything. He just nods his head. I motion for him to come with me to the kitchen to make the tea. While it is boiling, I ask him "have you had any luck on finding a Haruspex?"
        "Not yet my lord, I mean Thegan. My men are searching as we speak. It shouldn't be long, though, we have a few good leads on a couple of them." he says.
        "Good, the sooner, the better." I finish the tea and put an ice cube in it to cool it down. Then we both head to my room.

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