Escape to Paris With Love

Escape to Paris With Love by Brenda Stokes Lee

Book: Escape to Paris With Love by Brenda Stokes Lee Read Free Book Online
Authors: Brenda Stokes Lee
    Hollowing her cheeks and ramping up her suction power she soon had his legs trembling uncontrollably. She knew he was close to release. Her pussy thumped at the thought that it would soon be her turn. Unfortunately, she couldn’t gratify her aching clit as Hunter had commended her to put her hands behind her back. She dared not defy him.
    Whimpering against his dick still embedded in her throat she begged. “Please, oh please rub me.”
    Hunter heard her. A demonic grin glazed his face as he pulled her by her hair, thus feeding her another inch of dick. “What? Oh… You want Daddy to pet your cat? Is that what you want?”
    She nodded her head as she sucked harder in an effort to make Hunter blow his wad. His knees buckled momentarily. “Shit! That feels amazing! Fuck! You ought to patent that shit!”
    She whimpered again as her need became even greater. Hunter heard her but chose to ignore her. He knew that she was less than a hillbilly cunt lick away from exploding and so was he. His raging release was kicking him repeatedly in the crack of his ass, causing him to flinch and clinch his muscular ass cheeks together. He fought it with everything that he had and was too consumed with his own need to entertain hers. 
    She watched as his grey eyes turned black with a thin ring of grey. He was about to come and she knew it. Smooching and popping and sucking his dick in repletion she soon had his horny as exactly where she wanted him. Her eyes smiled at him and gave him the patented, “I got your fucking ass now look!”
    Hunters knees buckled as he grabbed her long hair tighter and face fucked her as hard as he could, shoving the remainder his thick dick down her throat. Suddenly he let out a He Man Masters of the Universe scream. Coming hard and fast he squirted violently into her mouth. She smiled as she allowed the thick white cream to ooze out and drip down her face. Hunter never noticed or cared he was having an out of body experience and was somewhere on a beach in the south of France sipping fruity mixed drinks and frolicking with naked college girls.
    He sighed deeply as the last of his load emptied into her mouth. Releasing his grip on her hair, Hunter tried desperately to focus on the beautiful woman who had just given him so much insurmountable pleasure. He smiled as she finally came into vision.
    “ Woman you are incredible! Please tell me that this won’t end when I get married.”
    Takara, Hunter’s personal assistant eyes instantly drooped with sadness as the reality of the situation finally hit her. She would never wed Hunter as she dreamed. The man she so desperately loved was engaged to be married to another. Hunter immediately saw the sadness in her eyes.
    “ Takara, I’m sorry, that was insensitive. I didn’t think before I spoke. I can be such an ogre sometimes.”
    “No… It’s okay! I understand your situation. Yes, if that’s what you want of me, then that’s what I will do. You know that you can trust me to be discreet.” She declared as she wiped Hunters semen from her pretty face.
    Hunter simply nodded okay as he gently stroked her face in an effort to comfort her and to let her know that he cared for her as well. “We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. I haven’t jumped the broom yet.”

Chapter 16 Prissy
    Over the next three months Prissy quickly settled into her new home with Austin and her new role as his fiancé. Yes, the two were in love and enjoyed a sandwich or two daily. There was just one problem. Prissy had yet to commit to a tentative wedding date, nor had she made one single wedding plan. In fact she hadn’t even bothered to identify her bridesmaids. Naturally EJ would be her Maid of Honor. Still Prissy hadn’t even bothered to even confirm that. Frankly she was too busy enjoying sandwich after sandwich to even care. Then one call from EJ and everything changed.
    “Hey, how are you doing?” EJ nervously asked Not sure if Prissy had heard the

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