Enchanted Ecstasy

Enchanted Ecstasy by Constance O'Banyon

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Authors: Constance O'Banyon
exploded within her body as his kiss deepened and became more demanding.
    "You stir a man's blood to the boiling point, little Indian," he whispered against her soft lips. "I want to make love to you. It matters but little how many men have known you before me. I only know I have to have you or go slowly out of my mind," Kane said harshly.
    Maleaha was confused. Why did he think that she had kissed other men before him? She wanted to tell him that he was the first man she had ever allowed to take such liberties, but she was unable to speak as his lips prevented it with a kiss so demanding that she moaned deep within her throat.
    Maleaha felt love so beautiful, so tender, that she wanted to share it with the whole world. Did he feel it too, she wondered? Surely he must, she thought. How could he not? It did not matter that since she had met him he had goaded her into anger and had insulted her at every turn. Nothing mattered but that he loved her and she loved him.
    "This is a perfect spot for making love," he said in a passionate voice.
    Maleaha felt his hands glide caressingly over her stomach then move upward to rest lightly against her breasts. She gasped as his lips took possession of hers, rendering her his willing slave. It seemed she could feel the heat of his hands through her deerskin dress, and the ground she lay on seemed to rock beneath her.
    Kane's hands trembled as they moved over her soft curves. No, it did not matter, he told himself, that he was not the first man to sample her beautiful body. Yet he could not stop the nagging thought that he did mind. She belonged to him, and he was being haunted by the thought that others had had her before him. He drew away from her and studied her upturned face, thinking that he must make a commitment to her, and extract one from her, as well.
    "Darling, I want you to know that I want more from you than just this one night. I want you to be with me for a long time to come. Do you understand?"
    Maleaha shook her head, not understanding him in the least. Was he asking her to become his wife? There was a lump forming in her throat at the thought, and she found she could not speak.
    Kane's voice was deep and soft as he touched her face gently, "I will buy you a house in Santa Fe, and see that you want for nothing. I will dress you in silks and satins, and all the men will know that you belong to me, and will keep their distance."
    Maleaha frowned. What men was he referring to? She was about to ask him, when he continued speaking. "I will spend all of my free time with you, and since I do not ever intend to marry, we will have many years in which to love and get to know one another."
    Maleaha stiffened and her heart felt as if it had been ripped to shreds. He was not asking her to be his wife, he was asking her to live with him without benefit of marriage. She closed her eyes, hoping the tears that were in her heart did not reach her eyes. She was glad when she spoke that her voice did not reveal how badly he had hurt her, for it sounded calm, even to her ears. "You do not want to marry me, major?"
    He smiled at her indulgently. "No. I would not marry you, but you need never worry, I would not seek out other women as long as you were waiting for me. I became bored with all the women who have paraded through my life lately, but nothing about you bores me."
    Maleaha wanted to slap the smile from his face. Rarely, if ever, had she known such anger and humiliation. Inside she raged over the tender feelings she had felt for him only moments before. She swallowed her anger, thinking she would see just how far he would go in his bold request.
    "How would I know I could trust you? Perhaps you would soon tire of me and want to replace me with another."
    He smiled. "How can I be sure you will keep all your kisses for me alone? We shall just have to trust each other, will we not? I intend to keep you so happy you will not need to seek elsewhere for pleasure."
    "Why do you wish never to

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