Eclipse Bay
reached for his shirt. After a short search he discovered his low-cut boots fooling around with some dust bunnies under the bed.
    “All right, let’s go.”
    He opened the door to a damp, fog-bound morning. Winston stepped smartly outside and headed for the bushes at the edge of the porch. Rafe went down the steps and followed the little path that led to the storage locker used to house the garbage cans. There were no signs of animal tracks in the vicinity and no claw marks on the wooden lid.
    Having concluded his personal business, Winston hurried over to see what was going on at the garbage can locker. Rafe watched him closely.
    Winston sniffed a bit, but his interest in the locker appeared casual at best. After only a couple of minutes he headed on down the long drive toward the trees that veiled the house and gardens from the narrow road.
    Rafe followed, watching to see if the dog paid any unusual attention to any particular point along the way. Winston’s progress was slowed by numerous pauses, but none appeared to be any more intriguing to him than another. When he got close to the edge of the property, Rafe decided it was time to call him back.
    “Hannah will chew me out but good if she finds out I let you play in traffic.” Not that there was much on this quiet road, especially at this hour of the morning.
    Winston ignored him, displaying a breathtaking disdain for a clear and reasonable command. Rafe concluded that the attitude was either the result of generations of fine breeding or something that had rubbed off from Hannah. He was inclined to credit the latter.
    “Come back here.” Rafe walked more quickly toward Winston, intending to grab him before he reached the road.
    But Winston stopped of his own accord before he got as far as the pavement. He veered left toward a stand ofdripping trees and began to sniff the ground with great authority.
    “Just like you knew what you were doing,” Rafe said quietly.
    Winston flitted briskly from one tree trunk to another, pausing to sniff intently in several places. Eventually he lifted his leg. When he was finished he turned to Rafe as if to say that he was satisfied.
    Rafe walked into the stand and took a close look at the tree Winston had marked. He knew that his human senses were abysmally inadequate for the task at hand.
    He crouched to get a closer look at the ground at the base of the tree. Unfortunately the pebbles that covered the earth made it impossible to detect any footprints. Always assuming that there were any there to detect, Rafe thought.
    He looked at Winston, who was watching him with an inquiring expression. “You know, if one of us had gotten both your nose and my brain, we’d be in great shape.”
    Winston gave the equivalent of a canine shrug, then turned and went quickly along the drive toward the house.
    Rafe straightened. He was about to set off after the dog when he caught a glint of silver foil out of the corner of his eye. A closer look revealed a tightly wadded candy wrapper lying on the ground near the point Winston had marked.
    Not exactly a major discovery. A stray breeze could have blown it into the stand of trees. It might have been tossed from a passing car or fallen off the garbage truck.
    Or it might have been dropped by someone standing in this very spot about midnight last night.
    He picked up the discarded wrapper and went back down the drive to where he had parked the Porsche. He unlocked the door, opened the glove compartment, andrummaged briefly inside. No luck. He looked at Winston, who was waiting, head cocked, on the porch.
    “Used to be a time when I carried a spare razor and a few other basic necessities with me for just this sort of occasion,” he explained. He shut the door and pocketed the keys. “But I got out of the habit.”
    His social life had never really picked up again after his divorce, he reflected. Probably because he had not worked very hard to get it up and running. He’d had other interests to

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