EBay for Dummies
respond to feedback, follow these steps:
    1. Click the Feedback link in the drop-down menu under the Account tab on your My eBay page, and then click the Go to Feedback Forum link at the top of the page.
    You’re transported to the Feedback Forum, where you can reply to feedback comments left for you.
    2. Find the feedback you want to respond to and click the Reply link.
    3. Type your response.
    If you want to follow up to a feedback you’ve already left for someone, follow the preceding steps, but in Step 2, click the Follow Up to Feedback Left link on the Feedback Forum page.
    Do not confuse replying to feedback with leaving feedback. Replying does not change the other user’s feedback rating; it merely adds a line below the feedback with your response.
    Leaving feedback with finesse
    Writing feedback well takes some practice. It isn’t a matter of saying things; it’s a matter of saying only the appropriate things. Think carefully about what you want to say because once you submit feedback, it stays with the person for the duration of his or her eBay career. I think you should always leave feedback, especially at the end of a transaction, although doing so isn’t mandatory. Think of leaving feedback as voting in an election: If you don’t leave feedback, you can’t complain about lousy service.
    eBay says to make feedback “factual and emotionless.” You won’t go wrong if you comment on the details (either good or bad) of the transaction. If you have any questions about what eBay says about feedback, click the Feedback link on your My eBay page and then click the Go to Feedback Forum link.
    In the Feedback Forum, you can perform six feedback-related tasks:
    See feedback about an eBay user.
    Leave feedback for many auctions at once. Here, you see all pending feedback for all transactions within the past 90 days. You are presented with a page of all your transactions for which you haven’t left feedback. Fill them in, one at a time, and with one click you can leave as many as 25 feedback comments at once.
    Review and respond to existing feedback about you.
    Review the feedback you have left for others. Here, you may also leave follow-up feedback after the initial feedback, should situations change.
    Make your feedback profile public or private. Remember, if you make your feedback profile private, you may hinder your future business on eBay. See the sidebar “Extra, extra, read all about it,” elsewhere in this chapter.
    Check the Feedback FAQ to review any changes in the feedback system.
    In the real world (at least in the modern American version of it), anybody can sue anybody else for slander or libel; this fact holds true on the Internet, too. It’s a good idea to be careful not to make any comments that could be libelous or slanderous. eBay is not responsible for your actions, so if you’re sued because of negative feedback (or anything else you’ve written), you’re on your own. The best way to keep yourself safe is to stick to the facts and to not get personal.
    Mincing words: The at-a-glance guide to keeping feedback short
    eBay likes to keep things simple. If you want to compliment, complain, or take the middle road, you have to do it in 80 characters or less. That means your comment needs to be short and sweet (or short and sour if it’s negative, or sweet and sour if you’re mixing drinks or ordering Chinese food). If you have a lot to say but you’re stumped about how to say it, here are a few examples for any occasion. String them together or mix and match!
    Positive feedback:
    Very professional
    Quick e-mail response
    Fast service
    Good communication
    Exactly as described
    Highly recommended
    Smooth transaction
    Would deal with again
    An asset to eBay
    I’ll be back!
    Negative feedback:
    Never responded
    Never sent item
    Desperately slow shipping
    Beware track record
    Not as described
    Neutral feedback:
    Slow to ship but item as described
    Item not as described but seller made

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