Dr. Frank Einstein

Dr. Frank Einstein by Eric Berg

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Authors: Eric Berg
to buy the Roman Catholic Church?”  The pope answered, “10 billion dollars.”  The antichrist gave him 10 billion dollars.   Therefore, the Antichrist now owns the Roman Catholic Church.
            The Bilderberg Group is the political machine behind the Antichrist.  It controls the Global Military Industrial Complex‘s One World government that rules every country in the world.  The Builderberg group presents itself benignly as just a sponsor of an annual conference of World leaders of,  both government and business, that comes together to share ideas.  The group as a whole professes a desire for one world government, but state that they do not have the authority to enact it.  Secretly, this group controls the whole world with an iron grip with Moon as its leader.  Every United States Presidents, since Ford, has attended this group's annual meeting.  In addition, many other Heads of government have been there. In the summer of two thousand and eight, both Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama were summoned to the Builderberg Group meeting that was in Virginia.  It was there that Clinton got the distressing news that they had chosen Barack Obama, as their puppet president.  McCain had never been considered.  This is why the Builderberg group sent Carl Rowe to sabotage McCain’s campaign.   In addition, the Builderberg group made the decision to make Sarah Palin his running mate.  This decision guaranteed he would never be elected.  
          In nineteen fifty, Moon was nearly broke just after escaping to South Korea from North Korea.  Nevertheless, he made billions of dollars by his only job--convincing people that he was the Christ.  In the late fifties major Japanese and South Korean industrial cartels decided it would be expedient to Use religion for profit.  They felt that Moon’s church best fit their religious needs to exploit people for profit.  This partnership has net Moon and his church tens of billions of dollars, which he uses to buy all the World's religious and political leaders.       
         In the nineteen seventies, Timothy LaHaye started an anti-communist Christian organization called CAUSA.    This organization struggled because of lack of funds.  It struggled until Sun Myung Moon gave it fifty thousand dollars to keep it afloat.  LaHaye came repeatedly back to Moon for money until Moon eventually took over CAUSA.  Moon kept financially supporting LaHaye’s activities. LaHaye became Moon's devoted Apostle.  Outwardly, LaHaye claimed to be a born again Christian, writing the Left Behind novels series, all the while organizing events to get other evangelicals to support Moon and the Unification Church.  Thus, he led many Evangelicals to follow Moon as the second coming of Christ.
          In the mid-Eighties, I was a Moonie for a short time.  I worked at the New Yorker Hotel, the Unification Church National Headquarters.  I was at a meeting led by Moon.  He told us that he had raised fifty million dollars to start a newspaper in Washington, DC.  This Newspaper would be his voice.  This newspaper would indoctrinate the American people to the way they should live as defined by Moon.  The Newspaper would be called the Washington Times, Twenty devotedly -Five years later the Washington Times is still the Voice of the Unification Church.  It is also the voice of the Republicans and the Christian Right because of its right wing views.  Its readership tends to be around the Washington, DC area.
           A few weeks after this meeting I attended, Moon was sent to prison for Tax evasion for a year.  This happened despite organized protests from not only LaHaye, but also Jerry Farewell and Bob Grant.  In addition, President Reagan wanted to Pardon Moon.  However, Moon said he was not guilty so he did not need to be pardon.  President Reagan agreed and blamed the over reach of the liberal government for Moon’s conviction. President Reagan was a

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