Double Trouble: A Menage Romance

Double Trouble: A Menage Romance by Marie Carnay

Book: Double Trouble: A Menage Romance by Marie Carnay Read Free Book Online
Authors: Marie Carnay
need. His inky brown eyes held hope.
    She swallowed back her own unspoken feelings. “I understand what it means to lose someone you love. Family is the most important thing in the world.”
    Holt eased closer. “Who did you lose?”
    Jess exhaled and turned his way. “My mother, when I was young. My father was never the same.”
    “I’m sorry.”
    “Don’t be. It’s made me who I am.”
    “Someone who’s afraid to take a chance?”
    Gage’s words hit her hard and deep. Was that true? Her nose crinkled as she looked to him. “I’m here right now, in this moment. Isn’t that a chance enough?”
    “What do you want from us, Jess?”
    “Right now?”
    Holt squeezed her hand. “That’s a start.”
    “I want you to stop holding back. I’m not some delicate flower you can crush. You both want me? Then tonight, I’m yours.”
    Gage’s voice edged just above a whisper. “What about tomorrow?”
    “We’ll deal with it in the morning.” She turned to face him. “But right now, just shut up and kiss me.”

Chapter 14
    G age kissed Jess and Holt’s body surged with more than lust. Letting her go at the end of the assignment wasn't happening. Not after she stood between them like a referee, demanding they stop.
    Bianca only ever egged them on, pitting one brother against the other in a perpetual jealousy machine.
    Not Jess. She’d done the exact opposite. Instead of riling them up, she’d calmed them down and stopped their fight. Turned their attention not to the past, but to the sexy creature smack in the middle of the present.
    Holt never wanted to fall for the same woman as his brother, but here they were again. This time he wished for a happy ending. Stepping closer, he cupped Jess’s ass in his hands. Mmm . He’d all but forgotten what sharing a woman did to him.
    His cock throbbed against his zipper and he ground his hips against Jess’s backside. Shoving his hands between her and Gage, he reached up to cup her breasts. One squeeze and she shuddered.
    Screw the past and the shareholder votes. All Holt needed was this right here. A sexy woman and a chance to show her the world. So he had to share with Gage, so what?
    He’d never admit it, but he loved what sharing did to a woman. Two men all over, driving her wild. It had freed Bianca to be wanton and reckless. Would it do the same for Jess?
    With gentle pressure, Holt massaged her breasts, rubbing the hard little nipples around and around. She rolled her ass against him, up and down the length of his shaft as Gage kissed her lips.
    Damn. So sexy. He couldn’t wait to be inside her. Holt wrapped his arms around Jess's waist and tugged her back, breaking his brother’s kiss.
    “What are you—”
    Holt kicked a chair out into the center of the room and guided Jess to it. His palm wrapped around her collarbone as he eased her down. “You want us both tonight? Then that’s exactly what you’ll get.”
    Her pulse raced beneath his palm.
    “You might regret this.” Gage stepped up and grabbed Jess by the knees, spreading her legs until she shook her head.
    “I won’t. Not ever.”
    Holt leaned down and kissed her bare shoulder as his brother kneeled between her open legs.
    Jess's head fell back and Holt took advantage, kissing and caressing her bare skin until she moaned. “Just like that.” He reached down, hands running over her arms to grab her tank top by the hem.
    In one fluid tug, it was off and falling to the floor. Mmm. A nude lace bra barely held back her tits, every breath mashing her nipples against the fabric.
    What a view. Holt eased her forward before flicking his fingers against the clasp. The lace flew open and Gage tugged the bra off her body. Yes.
    She arched her back, breasts spilling over her ribs as Holt bent lower. He reached out and ran his fingers over her nipples, watching as they pebbled from his stroke. He’d never get enough of her moans from the lightest touch. Her squeezed-shut eyes and little pants when he

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